On running and new shoes

I am a 30 year old female, a work-at-home running mommy, and started running a year ago. Over 90 percent victory for my PR in over 70 races participated so far. I'm not a fast runner with small feet (size 5.5-6ish yes, I have tiny feet LOL ), I am content with joining the races and just the simple pleasure of just running to slow down my life and to fight the urge to stop. My good health is my reward and I plan to keep running until I get older than old. Then I've read that there's a new running shoes arriving in the Philippines soon. So you better check out On-Running for the deets. I've never been the type to lust and drool over shoes but the runner in me wanted to so here it goes!

So why do I want to own a pair of new On-Running shoes and what will I do with it? Well, let me explain further:

1. I want to own a new pair running sensation that would make me feel like I'm running on clouds because I am a mommy runner and I am in love with running. It looks like a lot of love goes into handcrafting these piece of art and I will be rocking these kicks with the love that they deserve!

2. I also discovered that I am more comfortable with the comfort, motion control and flexibility in a shoe. I’ve suffered from sprains and ankle injuries and it looks like this baby is the right shoes for me and it sure looks like the perfect way for me to venture into this new world. I used to love high heels and was really not fond of wearing rubber/running shoes. But I ditched the heels the day I decided running was going to be a serious activity for me. Things have changed a lot in the past years and I am looking forward to many more years of discovery with this new pair.

3. I just learned today that anything is possible. I can walk on waves or run on clouds. I can always dream of anything I want and this pair is just too good to even dream about. :)

4. Just 'cause I like and not just want…but need these shoes. On top of that, it's so hard for me to find the right running shoe and I don't want to become one of those runners who run and go their whole running lives without ever having the right running shoes. I got a good feeling this is the right one for me! hehe

5. This would be perfect timing cause the current running shoes I currently own are completely trashed, worn out & desperately in need of replacement .. and a much better one that could stand up to some serious pounding to come out…and with some form of divine intervention, here's the new running shoes! Praise the Lord! :)

6. I will surely finish a marathon with this pair of shoes. It's a great way to inspire myself to run and to take one step closer to my dream of becoming a marathoner! Akshuli, I would love to complete my first full marathon in a nice pair of brand spanking new running shoes! And what’s more fitting than wearing these awesome shoes in my quest to becoming a certified marathoner? ;p

7. I would be ‘walkin’ up and down at the treadmill in the gym with this kick-butt shoes.. it's a great motivation to hit the gym more often! I would be walking tall around the gym and even in dance sessions in those shoes! I'm sure it would really help shape up my big behind! LOL
8. I have left bits and pieces of my old running shoes on my past races. I have many more miles to run, trails to explore, and roads to conquer. I could use some good ol' loving on my feet!

9. I ’d be walking and running EVERYWHERE with them! and I mean I'll wear 'em pretty much all over the place! In the mall, around the house, at the park, at the grocery store... And this summer, they would be joining on my trail runs, roadtrips and short treks too. I'm guessing we'll be going places! :D

So that's about it! Can't wait to run my next race. :)

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  1. Running Moms like you really deserve a priced gift like this ON running shoe :)

  2. I've tried a pair and I am satisfied with the performance.

  3. If you have a high arch you should NOT wear motion control shoes.
    here is a list of the Best Motion Control Walking Shoes for 2016


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