I just used this hashtag in Twitter yesterday and today and I must say this hashtag is one of my faves.

So here goes,

#youknowwhatsannoying when people say one thing to your face, and another behind your back. Note to self: Get rid of the negative people in your life.. surround yourself with positive people who believe in you and inspire you.

#youknowwhatsannoying when u just had a new haircut and had nice compliments from other peeps but someone tells you they're just saying that to make u feel good.. BV lang! so yeah, here's my new haircut with my baby love.. this is my very first time to chop off my hair this short so it was really liberating for me. But I badly miss my long hair already... #seriously
#youknowwhatsannoying when you want to hit the beach but you can't just go cause it's pouring outside :D here's a few piccies of moi enjoying the sun, sand, sea last summer.. hell yeah, just last month.. Now that Chedeng's gone.. summer's gone too because she took summer with her. :( ihatechuuu...#youknowwhatsannoying Time flies when you eat carbs. And by carbs, I mean eating a lotta yummy and oily food and then having food coma right after, you had to run to the bathroom only to find out... there's no toilet paper. :(( Gluttony at its best... or worst? LOL

#youknowwhatsannoying when people lie to your face but you know the truth. #damnit'strue Sometimes the truth hurts, but lies are worse! I'm not even sure how many more lies I can take before I get... kaboom! True story.

#youknowwhatsannoying when i send you a frakkin long text message and your a** reply back with a one-word text message... worse, if it's just a one-letter word like "K".. and worst, when u don't even bother to reply. Tsk tsk

#youknowwhatsannoying Looooong commercials

#youknowwhatsannoying when people don't answer the damn phone!!! galit?? hahaha kalma!

#youknowwhatsannoying when the photographer asks you to smile but you just can't because that damn sunlight flashin right smack on your face.. here's a perfect example.. tiis ganda lang! hehe

#youknowwhatsannoying when someone tells u u look sexy in your pic and then another one saying u look effin fat on that pic the next day .. FAIL! nagpipigil. nagpipigil I don't want any of your sh!??T ang perfect mo eh! ikaw na! what the fuuuzzz! ok. end rant. LOL whew!
#youknowwhatsannoying when I still want to blog but I can't think of anything to blog anymore. Maybe tomorrow's hashtag would be....#thingsmenshouldneverdo

Oh and I feel like tweeting today.. and tomorrow. Follow me on twitter. @chelle26


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