Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Ondoy No More" Thundebird Resorts Run For A Cause

Thunderbird Resorts is giving you and four of your friends a chance to be part of our FUN RUN FOR A CAUSE.

Just reblog, retweet, repost this link .:)

It's been 3 weeks and I haven't got myself to running or even jogging til I saw this post. I miss running and I would love to run in a whole new setting, lots of greens and an irrefutably breathtaking view. So I did blog, retweeted and reposted the link. I had to partake!

This run is in commemoration of the devastating Ondoy and in recognition of all the efforts that helped Thunderbird Resorts and the rest of the Rizal province rise above the calamity.
Thunderbird Resorts Run for a Cause
Sept. 26, 2010

We invite everyone to join us in this shout out and run for the BENEFIT OF CARITAS Manila.

For only P500.00 registration fee for 3k/5k/10k,
you get a Singlet, RaceBib, Thunderbird Resorts discounts, and most importantly you give a donation to Caritas Manila and help the marginalized communities to prepare for calamities such as typhoons.

For more details and to download registration forms, visit

Lucky, Blessed and Grateful

Can I just say Yey!? or weee!! or yahooo!? :)

I've entered several online contests this year. It was fun. But it's not just about winning or losing. For me, it's just having fun and the burning desire to win or that feeling of being thrilled and excited. The thrill is not just in winning, but in having the courage to join the contest. It takes courage to try it out and enter contests 'cause you put yourself “out there” on the edge of the online world for all to see and judge. At first I felt very uncomfortable but over time, I began to enjoy the fun we all held our breaths for.

Apparently, I like winning and losing at the same time. They say the difference between losing and winning is usually the difference between doing little things nearly right and doing them exactly right. I agree. It's ok to talk about winning but sometimes when you have a lot going for you and you speak up, it is often considered bragging and other people would see it negatively.

There are winners, there are losers. There are people who learned how to win, there are people who have not yet learned how to win and lost the lesson.

As for me, there are a few things I've learned on how to win;

1. I don't doubt. Winners don't doubt. I always visualize winning a contest.

2. It's ok to lose. I never complain and become bitter just because of losing a contest. It's a bummer for sure but I don't sit around feeling sorry for myself. Everyone wants to win as much as I do. Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. Always.

3. I think. I can. I will, and I am. Believe me, it’s almost a self-fulfilling prophecy.

4. Whether I win or lose, I always take time to reflect on other times I have felt lucky or blessed. Stay positive.

5. Accept. Some people never win and some people always win. That's life. Deal with it!

6. Be aware of the fact that sometimes the voting or the contest itself isn’t technically setup to be fair. So just play fair and square.

7. I learn everyday. This has made me a better person and really has helped me to manage my life in a much more reasonable manner.

7. Pray (a lot!) and never lose hope. Hope is an endless fountain of abundance.

Needless to say, there are worse things that can happen in life than losing a contest, but we all know the pain, disappointment and bitterness we can feel after a loss, or even the joy we feel after a great win. It's normal. Face it, we're human and life is a game of pain of joy! It is not a matter of life and death though.. it only feels that way sometimes! That said, I have won countless movie tickets, concert tickets, a dinner for two, a meet and greet with some of my fave celebrities, lotsa gift certificates, and some canned and uncanned goodies and they made me extremely happy. They're just a few of over a dozen lucky things that happen to me. Now if it only worked with the lottery. One freakin million, you hear me? LOL

Apart from being chosen as the Top 3 among 10 lucky testers or participants and winning the HTC HD Mini from Hardware zone, HTC and HWM Philippines, I also won a new Nokia phone from Manila MOmmy of the Manila Blogs family. It's the Nokia 7230 from Nokia Philippines and Manila Blogs’ Nokia: My Life Philippine Promo and I'm going to get it this week! Thanks heaps to Nokia and Manila Blogs family. Weee.. excited much!

Last week, I also won a FREE Phiten Rakuwa Neck S 3 Line necklace at Hit A Bargain! (! I can't wait to wear it and enjoy the benefits of my very own Phiten necklace. :) Thanks Hit A Bargain!

I also won recently at Pond's The Look contest where I received GC from Plains & Prints; Pond's gift pack; Dinner for 2 at Cafe 1771 and Free photo shoot and 5R printing at Blow-Up Babies. Here's my entry;

Not only that, to top it all of majorly, I got the bestest prize of all, my baby girl! I know I didn't join a contest on this one but I bet God has a secret lotto going on up there everyday and I got the the grand prize! Also, I have been blessed by the people in my life and everybody in my family is healthy. Indeed, I did thank my lucky stars. I've been blessed so much that no matter what happens now, I can only smile. Thus, I 'd have to say that I am lucky, blessed and very grateful for everything.

See, sometimes we have so much good in our lives, but we are just too busy with other things. Even if there is one thing missing, that is what is going to keep me busy aside from changing nappies and prepping milk and food for my lil brat. LOL

But for now I will rejoice in how extremely lucky and blessed I am. I believe that I'm beyond lucky to be where I am today and I am truly blessed beyond belief. :) and NOW would be a good time to say Thank You! If it had not been for THE LORD on my side, and the people who love me, would I still consider myself this lucky and blessed? I don't think so. :)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blissful Day: En route to the Great Asians Secrets Giveaway!

At first, I'd like to plan a secret wedding next year because I want it to be solemn and memorable. Planning one can be stressful if you face pressure from family members and from those who disapprove or are overwhelmed with unsolicited advice and suggestions. I want it to be secret so everyone special in my life can be present but without all the hassle and stress in getting to that point. But since, I just blogged about it, I guess it's not much a of a secret wedding anymore. LOL That said, I am leaning towards a small, private garden wedding, much more fun & less stressful! We are both very private so would like it to be intimate and personal. Small yet beautiful and memorable.

So this is how I plan to look my best on my big day!

1. Making a guest list. The shorter, the better. I want to celebrate one of the biggest days of my life surrounded by people who loves me. I'd like my wedding to be more like a celebration with close-knit friends and family, than a major, major production or stage show. When I have fewer guests, I can splurge on the things that really matter to me. I'd most likely splurge on the honeymoon, wedding dress, make up artist and photographer. Also, I get to spend time with my guests, not feeling like a stranger fulfilling a social obligation.

2. Looking my best

My hair, nails, makeup, wedding dress.. and how I look in that dress, are all part of becoming the bride I want to be on my special day. Since pictures taken on that day remain part of my life forever, it's important to look and feel my best.
So here's where I'll start..Starting today, I plan to use Asian Secrets Lulur Whitening Body Scrub as a daily morning ritual to smoothen and whiten my skin before the big day. That said, I'd surely look radiant and glowing on my big day! :)Then I'll choose my wedding dress in advance. I want a dress in which I can stand, walk and dance in without worrying about "wardrobe malfunctions" or causing me any kind of discomfort. I want a soft, dreamy and flowy wedding gown with a sheer touch of romance, and timeless elegance due to the ethereal Grecian goddess look. Also, I'd love to see my baby girl slash flower girl in a flowy white dress looking like a flower fairy. Here's what I have in mind.Next, I'll choose a classic hair style and try to practice the look I want at home or with my stylist before the wedding day. I want to keep it simple and classic.

My wedding cake would be simple, elegant with floral design, more of yellow flowers and blue birds. Of course, I'd surely love to have a taste test to make sure it will taste better than it looks. :) I'd love to see more hues of yellow and blue.. blue birds and yellow ribbons. And some eggs too 'cause my baby girl loves eggs so much!
Another motiff would be a garden wedding just like on fairy tales with a beautiful shades of purple.. with my baby girl looking like a flower fairy ina magical place so full of her laughter & whispers…with fairy wings & imagination. :)

I'll have my nails fixed professionally manicured the day before the wedding. This is surely one thing I don't want to do too far in advance. I want tips and toes to look pretty and simply make sure that they are neatly trimmed, filed, polished, and buffed. After all, my hands will be the focus of attention when showing off that new wedding ring and for photos!

Trial make ups or a test run and find the perfect makeup artist before the big day. I don't want to transform myself into a different person with dramatic eye makeup or garish lipstick. I simply want to make the real me look better on my big day!

Last but not the least, I'd like to practice a lot of sweet kisses..

the sweetest kiss to seal the magic & beauty of the special day…

Few nights before the wedding, I'll make sure to have enough rest and complete sleep. No partying before the wedding 'cause bloodshot eyes and a banging hangover doesn't seem so much fun to me. Well, I can always have the perfect wedding in my head, but something can happen and I sure hope my dream wedding won't elope with my groom. So far, this is exactly how i want my wedding to be .. Fun, sweet and insanely beautiful!

If you're a bride-to-be, don't lose the chance to win the Great Asian Secrets Giveaway! Click here!

Not a bride-to-be? Don't worry! You can also win a 32 gig iPod Touch and a beauty loot worth P6,000 full of goodies of Asian Secrets! :)

Blessed be!