Rock and Run... and Rain! :D

Last night, I joined my first ever fun run.. my first 5k.. my first night run and it was RAINING mamhen for almost an hour.. actually, t'was a downpour! I never had so much fun running in the rain with my fellow bloggers slash rockstar runners! DESPITE a deluge of rain, 4000 strong runners braved the cold and storm like rain to participate in Rock and Run for a cause..I'm glad there were no scary lightnings and thunderstorms.. the heavy rains and strong winds made me want to have a defy-your-limits moment aka RUNNR mode ON. I was not, however, prepared for how running 5k in soaking wet shoes would feel. So the first half of the run was more of like just speed walking/ walkathon LOL :D Still, I'm so glad that I was able to finish the 5km run without any running exercise or preparation beforehand. It really didn't matter to me how slow I ran, what matters most is how much fun I had and that I was able to finish it with a smile! :)
Here's a pic before the run started.. we're all fresh and glowing!
and a few minutes right after taking that pic... freshness pa din but soaking wet! hahaha

and this wunner was like a silly wuffy wabbit wunning wapidly down the woad in the wain. =) woot!

FYI I LOVE the rain!! Even with rainy runs like that, I’d rather be outside than chained to an extremely boring treadmill in the gym. The run was even more fun because I had the most fun-loving and highly motivated running buddy ever. Thanks Vannleih!
Like what a friend told me, it was definitely LOVE at first run.. I love feeling the drops fall off the tip of my nose, my anemic, pruny looking fingertips and toes, loved feeling it on my skin.. Soaked to the skin! Here goes a photo of my soaking wet shoes and wet feet with blue toenails to boot! It's tough on the shoes though!

While the run was the main event of the night, there were plenty of other activities available to keep the runners entertained... the raffle was fun and rockers who were rocking their costumes really rocked the night away!

Though we missed the rockband part 'cause the stages were very unsafe for any sort of performance and the organizers said there's a big danger of electrocution, not just the runners but the bands as well. S0 the rock part was missing because there should be bands rockin on route and the lights and sounds had to be shut down. Still, I enjoyed having those cheerers and drummers on the band stages cheering us on!!
No one beats a runner with high leather boots and a spankin' guitar running around with a tremendous heavy rain with a big smile on his rocker-inspired and painted face.

So is there any good running in the rain?

Well, I'll say.. Hell yeah! Like, seriously. Because there's...

no heat exhaustion. no overheating!

no dehydration.

rainwater smells better than sweat. it's refreshingly good!

free-flowing refreshment! unlimited water station, there's unlimited shower stations too! LOl!

no awkward looking tan lines

you run faster to stay warm. (more oxygen please..)

best of all, it's hella fun! Don’t we all wish we could go back to the time when we were kids and would run and jump like there was no tomorrow?

Nothin’ like a good run in the rain to make you feel five years old all over again. Playing in the rain and jumping into puddles. Aww I miss those good ol' days with my brothers and sister...

the disbelieving looks from on-lookers, by-standers and non-runners. "check out that nut! running in this heavy rain like kuh-ray-zay! Silly wabbit! haha It makes it even more worth it.
Last but not the least, I got a reason to call my favorite masseuse, Ate Delia, for a relaxing and soothing therapeutic massage!

As for me, rain is good.. but running in the rain was even better. =)

This picture surely shows the "fun" part of our fun run..

“Rain is just liquid sunshine”. It was so much fun! I will defo be doing it again!

So what's the secret in having fun while running in the rain?

"I guess, the secret is to run between the rain drops. " =)

-from a runner with race number 5120

Lesson learned:

I definitely appreciate the need for a running shoes that will be able to grip the slippery roads. Thanks to Adidas Supernova Sequence shoes! It ain't called a Supernova for nothing! :D

Also, next time I need to know when it is raining too hard to run because running with soaked clothes and shoes is just like running with added weights and I'm a few pounds heavier!

Caps/hats/raincoats/windbreakers= a MUST!

Run lightweight 'cause it's kinda hard to run while I carry my stuff( digicam and iPhone in a plastic bag) while on the run. The peeps on the baggage counter won't let me leave my stuff inside my bag because they are not held liable for valuable things like wallets, cellphones, etc if these were lost or broken. That said, thanks to a random runner who gave me that miracle plastic bag! Truly a lifesaver, my iPhone and digicam made it in one piece and are still working after the run. :) So yeah, bring plastic bags! Lots of it! Both for your stuff and for your wet clothes.

Lastly, bring a change of clothes so that when you are done running you can change quickly into dry clothes. It's a good thing I brought mine! YaY!

Here's a pic taken a week before the run at Runner, BHS where we registered for the run...and here's another one after the 5k run..

Thanks to Kumiko for the exhilarating yet extremely fun rock and run experience.. kudos to the organizers and thanks also to the sponsors Runnr and PRC. It may have rained hard, (it poured rather) but the rockers/runners ran harder. Epic run! We rock! :)


Any comments, my dear?