I am PINAY and I'm proud and happy to be one.
Ask me why. Oh well, It's simply because..

Magaling ang Pinoy. Proud of Pacman, Charisse, Arnel Pineda and many more. It makes me happy just because they give pride to their country. And there's no traffic and zero crime rate whenever it's Pacman's fight and I'm a BIG fan. :) @!&6! and that's me sayin', I friggin hate u Gayweather! :D

A smile amidst the trials whenever I see fellow Filipinos .. Invincible Happiness, despite the hardships we've all been through, we're still one of the world's happiest people.

Halo-halo, sorbetes, sago & gulaman, ice candy, and malamig na malamig at nagyeyelong coke sakto.. my favorite refreshing drink amidst the unbearable summer heat. *wink*

A breath-taking view of truly one of the richest in natural wealth...unique and uncomparable to any place in the world... and knowing how beautiful my country is makes me :)

Putting a sand castle or just going to the beautiful beach of Boracay with the whole family.

P lanting trees after surviving 25 rapids in Davao and 5 hours of paddling/whitewater rafting under the scorching heat of the sun.

Y ummy balut, sinigang na baboy, kare-kare, cripy pata, and lots of Filipino foods that are delish and mouth-watering. Read: Fiesta.

& my favorite merienda... turon, ginataan, kalamay and a lot more.... ~drools~ just imagine me eating a special turon right now. Sooo good...

Pinakamagandang race sa Asia... and that's a FACT. Seeing a lot of gwapa ug gwapo Pinoys makes me happy... ahem! see my pic na lang po. :D just keeeeding! :D

Rich in love and faith in God...Filipinos may not have the money and wealth the other countries have, but I’m sure we have the wealth of heart and mind that can make us also a happy bunch of peeps.

Obviously, we are fighters! we never say die.. we never quit... we always say Try and Try until you.. die... it's a joke, of course. But like what a national hero would say, Filipinos are worth dying for.

Uber close family ties.. simply knowing I'll never be alone even my hair goes all gray, messy and unrebonded, I know for sure I still have my family to love and support me.

Dyip/ jeepney, padyak/ pedicab, trike and all that undeniably unique Pinoy transpo makes me happy especially when I'm broke and I have no cash for cabs/taxis... and hey, you can only see them here ..may sabit pa sa likod ng jeep, sa gilid and even on top of it... onli in da pilipins.

2nay na resouceful, kahit text shinoshort-cut... yung iba naman pinapahaba read: jejemons ..we never get tired of texting, hence, we are considered the texting capital of the world. It makes me happy especially when it's my birthday and I got lots of text messages. I just hope it's gifts>txt msgs. :D

Bonding and partey with friends.. there's no better gimik place than right here.. in the heart of Makati or in Manila or Eastwood.... b'cause we def know how to party hard.

Ethnic and cultural diversity.. iba pa din ang kulturang Pinoy! Itanong mo pa sa lola ng lolo na lola ng impo mo.

Pero, subalit, ngunit, datapwat madami pa ding kapintasan ang mga Pinoy...

Inaapi, minamaliit at kinukutya, niyuyurakan ang pagkatao... (opo! speaking malalim at di maarok na Tagalog makes me happy too. Eh ano naman? Pinoy ako eh a ayoko mag-nosebleed!)

Nananatili akong fan ng commercial ni Enrile, kasi gusto ko happy ka din! not that I'll actually vote for him. I just think it's funny and who doesn't want to be happy?! hehe

And if you'll ask me again if I am still happy being a Filipino, I'll say...

Y es! I'd still say for myself, I'm happy and proud to be Pinoy that I wouldn't trade my Philippine citizenship for anything.... even for a green card. :)

So now, if i ask you, "WHAT MAKES YOU, AS A FILIPINO, HAPPY?", what would you say?

Will it make you happy if you'd win a month’s supply pack of Coca-Cola products and a chance to take a friend to meet the Expedition 206 Happiness Ambassadors on Saturday May 1, 2010 just by answering that simple question?

If your answer is YES, click here.

If your answer is NO, click here.


  1. wow ang galing sis! good luck sa entry mo.. i love it!

  2. mam npaka wide nman po ng creativity niu..sana gumaling din ako sa pagbloblog? pde po ba humingi ng favor? pa pattern nman ng article na to.. i ind it interesting e..thanks

  3. thanks kayce and eban!

    @eban I'm pretty sure you'll be one helluva blogger! so just have fun blogging! :D

  4. hello :) your cool mom! rockmom! hehhe like your blog hope you visit my page din. :) thanks! :)

  5. Bayanihan makes me happy. The spirit of being together compensates for what we don't have.


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