RocKstaRmOmma's Blog Birthday Giveaway

May is kind of special to me because it is my birthday month and in just a few days, I will be celebrating my 2_th birthday., however I am not a huge birthday person because I don't like celebrating getting older. I just feel like I am so old (eek!:D) but truly BLESSED. It's not even my birthday but I already got lots of gifts and of course, I've got the greatest gift of baby girl Maia...and that is priceless. Dare I say that no matter how bratty and majorly spoiled she may be, she's made my life more kawaii. :)

So instead of being so selfish and think of me and only me on that day I plan to give back this time and I'm turning the tables. And in grateful recognition of no one mentioning my real age (yet), I’m going to give away a few goodies. :D For every guess-whats, there's a prize at stake. Don't cha worry because I'm giving blues clues or even the answer itself on my upcoming blogs, or in my facebook and twitter posts. oh wait, I think they're already here in this blog so read between the lines. *wink*

It's so easy peasy to win these kick a$s goodies (will post pics soon) but only ONE winner for each guess-whats will be selected! All you have to do is show me some love beybeh! Remember the more you love me, (the more points u gain) the more you're going to win! And take note, if you didn't win on the first guess-what, you can still stand a chance on the other guess-whats if you're able to answer them right. BUT you can only win once. So if you already win on the first, quota na teh! haha let's give chance to others ayt? ;D

Now. Let’s get to the good stuff, shall we!?

Try answering the guess-whats and win these amazing giveaways..

Guess-what # 1: Guess what is currently my favorite phone model.
Prize: HBC Hair Strengthening Iron

Guess-what # 2:
Guess what is the month and day of my birthday. :D
Prize: Starbucks tumbler

Guess-what # 3: Guess what is my favorite movie this year.
Prize: Starbucks GC worth PhP500

Guess what # 4: Guess what is my favorite country for summer vacay. :)
Prize: Beach Hut Frisbee

Guess what # 5:
Guess what is my real age. :D
Prize: 2 authentic MAC brushes

How to Win?

1) Leave your entry as a comment with the following details:
(Just click the Links to the Post just below my name/sig :)

- e-mail address
- contact number
- birthday wish: (example: Happy Birthday! May u forever be Sexy & Lose More Weight! Isn't it ironic dont cha think? ) :P
- your answer/s to the guess-whats
- please include whether you blogged it, subscibed, RT'd or reposted it including the links,google username and twitter id

2) Bonus 1 entry, blog about this Giveaway & lemme know by leaving your blog link as a comment.

3) Bonus 1 more entry, follow my twitter & re-tweet the following:

RT @chelle26 RocKstArmOmma's Birthday Giveaway! Enter to win goodies! Visit

Note: Make sure that your Tweet must reference "@chelle26" so I am notified of your tweet.

4) Bonus 1 more entry, repost or link this blog contest in FB.

- gimme the link please

5) Bonus 1 more entry by being a follower of my blog through Google Friend connect (that "follow button on the left side of our blogs), through twitter, feed subscriber by reader or by email, etc.. anything works as long as I know that you read my blog!

6) Bonus 1 more entry by adding my RoCkstArmOmma blog in your blogroll :)

Terms & Conditions:
1. Contest starts April 25th and ends May 11th :) at midnight.
2. Only followers of ROcKstArmOmma can enter!
3. Incomplete entry will not be entertained.
4. Only 1 winner for each guess-whats to be announced in the following days. I reserve the right to be hung over for far longer than that, though. It is, after all, my birthday.
5. Giveaway is open to Philippine residents only. I wish I could add Singapore but I simply couldn't.. sorry!
6. Winners will be randomly selected. The more entries the more chances of winning.
7. Winners must respond within 72 hours of notification.
8. If you don't win here aka losers, don't fret, there's still a gazillion and one contests to join. Like what Mr. G2 would say, Bawal ang Bitter Ocampo. :D

That’s all, lovelies! Good luck and thanks again for 2ne9 wonderful years! Thank you to everyone in advance for getting the word out about the giveaway!