ONE TAGAYTAY PLACE-One Great Place for the Family

What do you think sets ONE TAGAYTAY apart from the rest of the hotels in Tagaytay in terms of bonding together with family or friends?”

One Tagaytay Place- One Great Place for the Family

The aroma of Tagaytay upon a gentle breeze.
The place is filled with nothing but the smell of trees.
A bright pinkish flower inside dark green leaves.
One Tagaytay Place is where my dream family vacation will be.

What sets it apart from other hotels I will reveal,
Picturesque place and a breathtaking view of Taal Lake.
Dining upon the Azalea Restaurant for the evening meal,
This is an perfect vacation that we really need to take.

The fresh air is filled with the smooth sounds of nature,
As we indulge a relaxing massage at Regenere Spa in this vacation place.
Beset upon instantly by a very friendly and graceful woman,
Divinely constructed masterpieces of God’s brilliance and grace.

Enjoying the night cap at Tower Lounge for our "for the road" drinks,
As a cool breeze gently delivers relief from the tropical heat.
A bright white full moon slowly rises above the horizon,
Gather our things, to the comforts of the hotel suite we retreat.

Into the early morning, the pool looks so tempting and inviting,
While enjoying the sumptuous breakfast at our poolside retreat.
Time draws close to bring our family dream vacation to a reluctant end,
With our satisfied bodies and refreshed minds slowly gently meet.


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