G2 Give-a-way II

Hear ye! Hear ye! G2 readers have something to smile about for the nth time because Generously Greedy has some cool giveaways for all of us!! yey!!!

So here goes...

No too much blaahs, just do these guys:

1. Become a follower - 1 point
2. Become a fan of Generously Greedy on my Facebook fan page - 1 point
3. Become a follower of genergreed on my Twitter - 1 point
4. Comment on this post (from March 16 to March 29) - 2 points
5. Comment on this post (from March 4 to March 15) - 3 points
6. Link this post back to my site - 5 points

Prizes* at stake are:

Consolation Prizes: Winners will be randomly selected
1 winner of Holy Seat gift pack from Holy Seat
1 winner of Durex Jacket from Durex (won by my mom)
1 winner of Durex Play goodies from Durex (won by my bro)
2 winners of Php 100 Globe/Smart/Sun prepaid loads
5 winners of Php 30 Globe/Smart/Sun prepaid loads

Major Prizes: Winners will be randomly selected
1st prize: 1 winner of Php 3,000 worth of Cebu Pacific gift certificates from Medicol
2nd prize: 1 winner of Php 2,000 worth of Ayala Mall electronic gift certificates from Nokia Ovi
3rd prize: 1 winner of Php 1,000 worth of Robinsons gift certificates from Medicol
4th prize: 1 winner of SMART Bro Prepaid Plug-it from SMART
5th Prize: 1 winner of Php 500 worth of Jollibee gift certificate from Jollibee
6th Prize 1 winner of limited edition 1GB Mentos roll mint USB from Mentos

.....and for the Grand Prize:
1 winner of Nokia 2330** classic from Nokia Ovi plus Php 500 cash for the BEST comment or BEST post!

If you're aiming for the phone and cash just answer the question "Why do I deserve to lose?" Anything goes for this basta simply, klaro and if you can convince me and the rest of the judges that you indeed deserve to lose, then you'll be our Grand Prize winner. Crazy? Well, loser wins in this case! :D

Entries will be accepted until 11:59 pm of March 29, 2010.

Come join the fun and enter for a chance to win awesome prizes only from G2! :)

Note: A winner can only win once and please refrain from making dummy accounts.

And oh, as to date, I have two sponsors for the my G2 Give-a-way III! Want a 4GB iPod shuffle or perhaps Php 2,800? Well, keep visiting guys! :)

*Will be shipped to the winner's address anywhere in the Philippines
**slightly used phone (with a new Globe sim) turned the phone on once to check if it's working

click here for more details!!!


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