A unique and one of a kind pampering- Spa Theatre!

Well after a stressful months of preparing for my baby girl's christening party last December and her birthday party last week, I immediately googled a nice spa for some relaxing massage and voila! I found out the most unique spa, which is actually a spa theatre, and probably one of the biggest breakthroughs in the spa business and the first in the world! It's truly impressive and is indeed a nice idea coming from a brilliant mind to come up with such a nice and unique concept! It is a fact, well at least for me, that massage and movies are one of the greatest luxuries in life! So for guys like me who just loves being pampered and watching movies, this is definitely a good Valentine treat! I love the couples room and it's more than just sitting and relaxing because you get to watch your fave movie. So all you have to do is sit back, relax and watch a movie.

I'm really interested with this spa theater at this new Blue Water Day Spa that has just been opened along Ortigas Avenue.The remarkable uniqueness and coziness of the spa theater makes it a perfect place for special functions like birthdays, seminars, group parties,family reunions and bridal showers too! I just can't wait for my friends to throw a bridal shower party for me here since hubby and I are already planning for a church wedding early next year.I'm also planning for a prenuptial party here complete with our very own AVP as I call it my one last night of unadulterated independence. One last night of no obligations. One last night of fun and pampering with my girlfriends, no holds barred. I'm just not sure if a stripper or at least a movie with a sexy stripperis allowed here. LOL I'm also thinking that this can be a nice treat for my friends who are all pretty moms and fellow Girltakers who deserves a lot of pampering (like me! LOL) for our getos (get-together parties at that)! Oh well, the list can go on and it would surely stir up a lot of excitement knowing that it's a one of kind experience for stressed peeps like me! It will certainly give any sophisticated gathering an edge and will surely bring it to a whole new level of pampering with a twist!

If you are intrigued and you want to try something new, just check out their website here or visit Techfilipino website for more details!


  1. Hi, Thanks for joining the BlueWater Day Spa Movie theater contest. I've added you to the list.

    btw, strippers are not allowed and movies are screened. However, great idea, a bit more wholesome prenuptial party is always welcome hehe.

    Francis Simisim

  2. oh ok lolz yeah medyo conservative din hubs ko malamang he wont allow me din haha kung makakalusot lang naman lolz


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