Wednesday, May 28, 2008

After 48 years..

...I'm back! LOL been VERY busy and not having the time nor energy to blog so lemme say sorry for that( mommy juls and to all my bloggurls so sorry for not visiting your blogs guys for these past few days or weeks?!? hihi So sorry this update took so loooong... things have been pretty busy lately! So here's the latest updates..

as you can see, here's my lil bouncing baby buchi, I treat her like my gucci! teehee... she's turning 4 months old on june 6 :)

hmmm.. Recently I kept my self busy with work, my homebased jobs and looking after my baby girl, my favorite lil person in the world, my Maia Chanelle! xoxo I bought a lot of items though.. so after a month of working, I still haven't saved much LOL But I got a new pair of shoes..oh I mean 2! I also bought lots of bags LOL and lots of cute lil dresses for mi bebe and ordered a SuperGirl costume which I haven't received yet hihi excited??! hell yeah!! Here's the pix of some of the things I bought few days ago... so much for being an uber impulsive buyer! tenenenen tenen...


I also love my shu eyelash curlers! :) and of course, I love looking at my bebe's pix hehe I love being a mom! :) now she has 3 and a half cutie hairs! goodness gravy!! LOL ... i heart her...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I heart hot stuff!

Yay! Oh well...I have heard many, many, many great reviews on the newest Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler that I had to see what all the fuss was about! Also, I lurve eyelash curlers. Over the years I have tried and owned lots of them ... cheap ones, scary looking ones that eventually hurt and pinch me, plastic ones, tiny ones, heated ones, I have owned them all except for the very pricey ones like Shu. It has always been on my wish list but the price is making me hesitant to buy it! haha So just for the love of it, I finally bought one to see if it really works wonders. It's a bit steep in price though but I think it's worth a try for this "holy grail" eyelash curler if I wanna get dolled up and want to have pretty pretty lashes. I'm not sure if it was the right thing to do or if it is a real good investment. Maybe it was just the hype?! Argh! The last eyelash curler, and of course it's one of the cheaper ones is a major DISASTER! All I get is crunchy looking lashes, gave me the terrible L-shape, pinched me (Ouch!) and even some of my lashes fell off. I debate over buying something more expensive to see if it is the cheapness that is keeping me from beautiful lashes. Oh well.. that's all. I just have to wait for the delivery of my new eyelash curler..shipment arriving soon.. and I'm gonna check it out if it's really worth it! I'll keep you posted and I might give a short review about it soon. Be safe now... tats for now.