Current Mood: Freaking MAD!!! EON Unionbank and Paypal Withdrawal Problem

So freaking mad!!!

I am just one of those unlucky people having problems with withdrawing money from Paypal to my Unionbank EON card account. I withdrawn money to my EON card last September 10 and September 18 respectively and my PayPal Account Withdrawal Status is already “Completed” after 24 hours. I expected that in a matter of 5 days all things will be cleared and the money will have to be in my EON account. Today is September 27, 2008 but still I am not seeing any trace of my hard-earned money in my EON aaccount, not even one of the two withdrawals I made. I called Unionbank EON a couple of times already and I even went to 2 different branches of Unionbank in Ayala but unfortunately, they are unhelpful with the situation. And from what I understood from the operator, it is on the Paypal’s end and not from them. When I emailed Paypal about it, they said the status of my withdrawal is 'Completed', which means it has completed through the PayPal system and they have no control over the length of time it takes the CreditCard Issuer to post the credits, and they do not receive confirmation when my credit has been received by my issuing bank which s Unionbank! I feel like I'm a ball being tossed back and forth! Now it's obviously causing a lot of inconvenience for me after I paid the $5 transaction fees for each transaction and this is what I got?? How much longer am I going to wait??

Paypal then asked me to email them again after 14 business days so they can initiate to trace my card... and on September 30, I'll be requesting for a card trace and hopefully I can have something to smile about...

So far, there are no responses from EON to any emails that I have sent. I'm thinking of adding BPI account coz I've heard they haven't got any problem withdrawing money from Paypal to their BPI bank account.

Whew! I'm so freakin mad and frustrated!

I just hope I can get my money ...pronto!

I wish!



  1. i hope i won't get any problems like that with my eon account

  2. Contact Paypal at once and gind out what's happening.

  3. Could just be a delay or a problem with your bank.

  4. I transferred my funds from PayPal to EON last September 29, and the status is also completed within a matter of minutes. But up to now it's not yet reflected in my EON account.

    I tried to email Unionbank and haven't gotten any response yet. Calling customer service is frustrating!

    Kindly let me know about any update about this. Thanks!

  5. haaay sis... useless talaga customer service nila.I never received any reply from email and lageng busy ang line ng CS nila. I just waited for it na lang kasi yoko na ma stress and yung withdrawal ko last sept 10 nagreflect sa EON ko last oct. 11 pero yung other withdrawal ko last sept 18 wala pa din so ayun...waiting mode pa din.

  6. Hi,

    I experienced the same problem. Pero wala pang solution sa akin. Yung withdrawal last Sept 11 pa completed, up to now, wala pa. Hindi nagrereply ang Unionbank. Ang PayPal nung una lang nagrerespond at sabi ichecheck nila. After that wala nang reply. Hayyy. :(

    Let me know pag natanggap mo na yung sayo. Thanks

  7. nag withdraw ako last week, and now pumasok na sa eon ko

    bat ganun sa inyo...

  8. 1 month? Grabe! My first withdrawal will surely be memorable. *sigh*

    Anyways, about the layout, it's easy if you're familiar with Photoshop. Just download the scrapbook elements and play with it in PSD.

    If you need someone to do it, I can do the layout for your tarp. You can see some of my work in
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  9. Oh my! Katakot naman toh! Sana maayos kaagad ng paypal or ng unionbank toh! Tsk tsk

  10. hi there, i have paypal also but i dont have eon, so the thing is I use my either metrobank or BDO to withdraw my funds from paypal. SO far I havent had any problems, usually just takes 3-4 days after withdrawal then I get my money na through my ATM.

  11. hello, i'd just like to know if this has been fixed by unionbank na... kasi if not hindi ko na itutuloy yung eon application ko...

  12. Nah! While, reading your post about Paypal-Eon withdawal.. I can truly say that, your not alone! hahaha. I also experience this kind of issue and it's really frustrating and hassle in our part. But then, I was able to retrieve my money after a month. gawd! I hope you also do retrieve yours. Let's just hope that It will not happen again! YAY! :)

  13. That is why I don't trust any banks except BPI! it is the most reliable bank ever! And even east west! pangit din!


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