Tips to Have a Brilliant Baby

My baby is already 2.5 months old now and so far, she can stare at an object for a sustained period of time. She can make sounds like open vowel sounds ("ah", "oh") or coo or babble. She always sleep all day and wakes up at night. She smiles and laughs but she can get really fussy and cranky at times. She hates it when her nappies get wet so we have a huge stock of nappies. She enjoys being held, cuddled, soothed and rocked than lie on her crib and stare at the ceiling. She also hates it when she has hiccups. She gets really mad of it sometimes. She loves gazing at her daddy's eyes. She spits up a lot but she's not colicky now. (Thank God! Hallelujah!) Ohh..but she still loves to fart and it's getting louder. LOL She loves taking a milk bath. She's able to lift her head while laying on her back and hold it for several minutes. She loves to kick and it's getting stronger each day. Oooopss...she's crying now. Time check: 1:15 a.m. Now here comes the tips to have a brilliant lil one...


At about 2 months old, babies can distinguish different voices, qualities, and tone. Try varying your voice from high pitched to low, fast speech to slow, and other vocal sound you can produce. You can also crumple or tear a paper, knock on door or floor, turn on the faucet, turn on the washing machine, let the dog bark, clear your throat, etc.

They are more likely to make sounds if mother or caretaker is speaking to them. If baby is vocalizing, you should keep quite and pause, just look and listen to baby, then smile and clap your hands and hug her after the baby’s cooing. Repeat also baby’s cooing, but take turn. Let baby finish the cooing then take your turn. This vocal (cooing) interaction will encourage your baby to interact more with you. It will give her a sense of having an impact on events.

Muscle and Eye Coordination

While lying on her back, put a "Sesame Street Gym Activity Center." Place it in such a way that she will be successful in swiping or reaching for Big Bird. At first get her right arm and with your help, let her touch or reach for Big Bird. She will show delight doing this. Then let her try this reaching maneuver by herself. Smile, be happy, and kiss her with each successful "swiping" or "reaching" for Big Bird.



  1. awe what an adorable baby! I want to pinch the cheeks hehehe.

    I'm sure that you'll have a brilliant baby with all the effort your doing. Keep it up! ^_^

  2. wowwwwwwwwww wala akong masabi sa baby mo hehehe

  3. ur baby is so cute!

    hope my baby would be like yours too - m getting excited for my baby to come out hehehe


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