Mariah dethrones The King PLUS her secret affairs revealed!

Hear ye! hear ye!

The diva just beat the King.

Whoa! Mariah Carey surpasses Elvis?? Well, got it right! In her No. 1 singles, Mariah Carey racked up her 18th No. 1 single on Billboard's Hot 100 Song Chart with "Touch My Body,"surpasses Elvis in No. 1 singles! Also, with that album released, she may overtake The Beatles in the No. 1 spot and Elvis fans may find themselves 'All Shook Up' about The King getting nudged out of the number 2 spot.
Carey's "Body" also just enjoyed the biggest debut week in digital sales history: 286,000 downloads banked where the previous record holder for top first week downloads was Rhianna's defining single from last summer "Umbrella," which inspired 277,000 digital sales in its first week.

Oh well, I'm not really a big big fan of Mariah but I love her songs (and her flirty curls too! lol) and for me, Carey will never replace the Beatles or Elvis in stature and please don't ask me why.But! But! and another huge BUT! But there's no denying the fact that she deserves to be called the Superstar Diva for her unique talent and signature voice and of course, for dethroning the King!

as for the PLUS report...

The latest buzz was that... Superstar MARIAH CAREY is secretly dating actor NICK CANNON in secret. I heard that the pair hooked up after Cannon starred in a music video for the singer's new album E=MC2. And the source claims Carey is keen to keep the romance under wraps. "Mariah is the master when it comes to keeping her relationships secret. Even though she's a big star, she likes to keep her private life to herself." Carey's exes include record boss Tommy Mottola, rapper Eminem and singer Luis Miguel.

-nuff said-

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