What if men get pregnant?

Oh well, while I was putting my baby girl to sleep and realized what I've been through during pregnancy, I was also wondering what if men get pregnant too. You know, just to be fair. Sometimes the unthinkable, unbelievable and impossible things can happen. The notion of pregnant men may still seem to belong to the realm of fiction and imagination but sh*t happens, I mean it happens. LOL Look what happened to Thomas Beatie, a man who used to be a woman before having gender reassignment surgery claims he is five months pregnant and expecting a baby girl in July. teehee! Or whatever happened to Sanju Bhagat's stomach that was so swollen he looked nine months pregnant and could barely breathe, is still a mystery. For nearly four decades, Bhagat carried the body of his twin.

That's why I can't help but wonder what if all men get pregnant for real? Haha This is so much fun. So here are some of my twisted thoughts and my humble opinion...
If men get pregnant,
  • baby showers for men shall include a drinking bar and videos over the last World Cup, for NBA, football or boxing!
  • abortion would be legalized and worse, it could be a sacrament! amp!
  • the words. "push! push!" will be changed into "punch!punch!)
  • the OB gyne should be strong and ready for some kicks and punches while the steel bars in the delivery room have to be stronger to keep it from bending (Wow! Superman is that you?!?)
  • the maternal ward will become Paternal ward
  • maternity leave would be longer with full pay
  • men would be more sensitive and emotional and would be more eager to talk about commitment
  • men could use their briefcases as diaper bags
  • there'll be a new line of clothing, the paternity suit
  • they have to stay for nine months in bed watching sports channel
  • they get to wear skirts and tights with baby doll blouses Ooopsie! I don't think men can handle getting pregnant anyway except for gay men who would really love it for sure! LOL So for the umpteenth time, what if men really get pregnant, oh well, IMHO, I think women will rule the world! Woohoo!


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  2. oh my gosh...pag nangyari yon sila narin kaya ang magkaroon ng monthly period...hehehehe..

    btw, i linked you up here..hope you'll the same..thanks a lot! mwaaahhh...

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  6. Men weren't given the 'privilege' to get pregnant because they aren't as strong as us women. We women are really better off in this area. It comes naturally, so goes the cliche.


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