Snapbomb explosion

There's a new explosive bomb in town! It's called SnapBomb which is a new paid to blog or paid to review site. I just joined so I thought I could create some buzz about it.

You might not know them but in fact it is the new bomb wherein newly and blooming advertisers allow bloggers like us to earn more extra moolah from them. It has the most efficient approval system that almost provide you the real time results with the ability of calculating your Base Value. Unlike many other advertisers, snapbomb has a very sophisticated system.

How Snapbomb works? It’s fairly easy. Just sign up for an account and register your blog in the system and instantly you can start searching for opportunities to write. You don’t even have to wait for your blog to be reviewed and approved!! You will get paid via PayPal or check. Payments are Net 60 and payments go out on the 1st and 16th of each month so you will get paid on the first payment day after 60 days from the time you created your post. Minimum payment is $25.

So why don't you try to register now to earn extra moolah pronto! :)


  1. Is this for real?? thanks for the advise anyways.


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