the new crowning g(L)ory!

IMHO, I don’t want to criticize this girl, but from what I know regarding the past winners in Bb. Pilipinas, they MUST have Beauty and Brains, which is obviously not the case with this one.

I think she just made it to the Tof ten, I mean, Top Ten Worst Beauty pageant interviews EVER — and the worst part is…she won! Isn't it amazing?? There was the “my pamily/family”, “there was the one”, “my family is the most important persons”. My gawd! It was humiliating to the extent of downright funny.

So here goes her answer (with confidence)...
“no, i dont feel any pressure ryt now..well my family’s role 4 me is so important, becoz THERE was d..DEER was the one…who’s so family..OH MY’.. .ok..i’m so sory..i told you that im so confident..eto..ahm wait.HAHAHA..ahmm..sori guys bcoz this was rili my 1st pageant ever..bcoz im only 17 yrs old..and i did not expect dat i came from one of the TAF i said DOT my PAMILY ES the most important persons in my laayff..” whew!

The thing is she even explained with the "ETO" that it is her first time plus she’s only 17 years old. As far as I know, if we commit mistakes especially on stage, no explanation will make it right. You screwed the whole thing, that’s about it! amp! and did I say I'm not going to criticize or judge her for that? Oooops, I'm sorry. I'm only human (tao lang)..ehehe Remember the saying "t takes one to know one." and Don't judge the cover by its book." LOL So puhlease wag nyo sya i-judge...(and yes, it includes me!) As for me, seriously...she's not dumb nor stupid...or maybe the judges are!?? lol I just hope she'll bring an interpreter with her when she represents our country in the Miss World pageant. I hope she prepares well for it and represent herself well. She needs to work out with her grammar and pronunciation thoug. Goodluck to her and may she take the criticisms a challenge to improve herself. :)

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