What I love about being preggo and..

what I miss about being NOT pregnant!

So lemme start with..hmmm..
what ! love about being pregnant!
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  • the feeling I get when my baby moves and kicks and squirms and stretches and pushes and does all sorts of thing like cartwheels inside my tummy after a period of silence and stillness then me thinks " There's my girl!" (even if sometimes it hurts, not that I'm complaining lol but for the most part, I love every second of it.)
  • being pampered. getting a free massage.being offered a seat and getting special treatment from loved ones and even from strangers. hubs being contractually obliged to rub my back whenever I ask! yip! yip!
  • my changing body. boobs got bigger. butt got bigger. my thighs got bigger and of course, belly got even bigger. well, everything got bigger. lol
  • being able to take naps without excuse in any time of the day
  • hearing my baby's heartbeat and realizing that there is really a baby with her heart beating inside my tummy.. and there's a little miracle growing inside me.
  • learning a lot about life and knowing for a fact that after all these years, I suddenly have a new perspective in life and making life's new sacrifices and decisions
  • shopping for my baby girl
  • having an excuse for feeling a crybaby, weepy and moody
  • getting special food requests like banoffee pie from Starbucks woohoo!!Myspace Comments - Im Pregnant!!!
  • writing a pregnancy blog
  • knowing that I'm never alone
  • making new friends with GT moms and moms-to-be
  • being able to have the entire sofa/bed to myself
Now I'm running out of things to love so let me change the topic to...

What I miss about being Not preggers!
Now that I'm getting close to D-day, lemme tell you about the things I miss about being not preggy and what I'm looking forward to when my baby Chanelle is finally out. *grins*
Here they are:

breathing normally
walking normally
getting out of bed effortlessly without having to build up some momentum
dancing and working out in the gym and being able to do killer workouts.My gawd! I miss the Nike Rockstar Workout and the BodyJam in Fitness First! I'm not really a gym rat, I'm more of the sweat-my-way-to-fitness kind and I'm just doing it for fun! As far as I can remember this one's the last release I tried before I knew I was pregnant (June 2007) and I so love this release and that guy in the vid is our group ex instructor, Ken.

NIkE Rockstar Workout!

so moving on.. I miss...

picking up stuff from the floor the easy way or being able to bend down properly
uninterrupted pleasurable sleep lying on my back or on my tummy and rolling over in bed like a puppy lol
being more in control of my mood and emotions
my "normal clothes"
being able to shave up my legs and tooot(censored!) standing up
wearing thongs lol
clubbing/ gimik lol and yes, even drinking alcoholic drinks eventhough I'm not a heavy drinker
pigging out hehe
wearing high-heeled sandals/shoes
my period except for having dysmenorrhea, that one not included!
being carefree and wiggly! toink!
my waist ..hihi I used to have a curve at my waist..now I'm looking for it! but it's gone! arg!



  1. Hi Chelle! How are you? The baby is due soon... I voted for Maia Chanelle ;) regards and take care.

  2. hello chelle,

    happy new year, I tag you to write a new year's resolution, you can check it on my blog.
    Malapit ka nang manganak, hope all is well with your pregnancy.


  3. Love this entry! Reminds me of the time I was pregnant :)

  4. Hi chelle!!

    Thanks for dropping by my page.. I checked you out from the bloglog widget..

    First of all, I wanna say congrats on being a mommy!! How lovely!

    I just had a new addition to the family late last October.. She just turned 2 months last week! :D

    The thing that I miss most about pregnancy would have to be special treatment everywhere.. when it's raining, strangers just give you their umbrella.. u get so many offers that you could boil down the decision making to who offers the prettiest umbrella! LOL!

    I also miss being able to eat anything with the excuse I'm eating for two. Hehehehe.

    But being able to see her is well worth it. Well, it'll be your turn soon. I wish you all the best!! :D


    p/s: Wonder if you'd care to exchange links?

  5. aww thanks! I really need all the support and encouragement I can possibly get right now... can't believe I have roughly 5 weeks left! lol

    p.s. sureness! i'll link u up pronto!


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