3 things for the 3 kings

What I got today are both good and bad... the bad came first and I got it first thing in the morning upon waking up, guess what?? I got diarrhea!!! that's one! amp! I used to be constipated all throughout my pregnancy and then voila! here comes gas pain early in the morning.. What a nice way to start a day! I'm not sure if it's just a part of having lotsa pregnancy horror-mones or it's just my growing uterus and baby squishing all my intestines or maybe tying them in knots..arg! but I really didn't like that feeling and I'm so glad it stopped already! and yes, I keep on having Brrrr....axton Hicks contractions aka practice contractions for the (Que Horror!) labor! Brrrr... that's #2!and here comes the good thing... which makes it #3 right on time for the 3 kings! I got a Friend Award from Butchay!!! Sweeeeet! Tenchu!!! Thanks! I highly appreciate getting this award... made me smile and maybe that made my diarrhea go away! wee! so I'm passing this award to my 3 new blogger friends Justine, cha, and shemah.

Happy Three Kings!


Any comments, my dear?