3 things for the 3 kings

What I got today are both good and bad... the bad came first and I got it first thing in the morning upon waking up, guess what?? I got diarrhea!!! that's one! amp! I used to be constipated all throughout my pregnancy and then voila! here comes gas pain early in the morning.. What a nice way to start a day! I'm not sure if it's just a part of having lotsa pregnancy horror-mones or it's just my growing uterus and baby squishing all my intestines or maybe tying them in knots..arg! but I really didn't like that feeling and I'm so glad it stopped already! and yes, I keep on having Brrrr....axton Hicks contractions aka practice contractions for the (Que Horror!) labor! Brrrr... that's #2!and here comes the good thing... which makes it #3 right on time for the 3 kings! I got a Friend Award from Butchay!!! Sweeeeet! Tenchu!!! Thanks! I highly appreciate getting this award... made me smile and maybe that made my diarrhea go away! wee! so I'm passing this award to my 3 new blogger friends Justine, cha, and shemah.

Happy Three Kings!


  1. wow naman ang sweet naman ng doogie and cathy oi! Hello Chelle! congrats pala sa baby mo, take care always

  2. Hi Chelle!

    Thanks for the award sweetie! :D I'm honoured that you decided to pass it on to me.. Thanks haa..

    Anyways, I'm glad you're feeling better from the diarrhea already.. Just take it easy, mommy! Ingat! :D


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Any comments, my dear?