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Here are the rules :
1. Please write your favorite love song, and what's the story behind it?
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"My favorite song is "Endless Love". Because I sang this song as a surprise for my love on our engagement party - Nyumix

With me, my favorite song is Korean Drama Soundtrack songs My favorite are Winter Sonata, Lovers in Paris, Full House, Love Letter, etc too much i don't remember the the title. Why? Because they all nice to hear over and over again - Juliana RW

My favorite song is "Heaven" by DJ Sammy and Yanou. The songs tells so much about me and my husband - Liza

For me, i love so many so many songs - from kiddie songs to romantic love songs. But let me share with you 2 songs that stands out from everyone. ONe is YOU ARE MY SONG by Martin Nievera and the other one is LET'S TALK ABOUT LOVE by Celine Dion. I picked fav songs thru its lyrics (inspiring) and music (mellow). - Arlene

One of my favorite songs is Nearness of You. I like the original one and version of Norah Jones. I just love the lyrics and I just want to stop and appreciate the song whenever I hear it being played. - Rachel

I've got lots of songs that i really love but for this meme i can only choose one. So for this meme i would say that my favorite love song is I'll Stand By You by version of Gina Glocksen. I love the lyrics and very inspiring song to me. I just couldn't get tired of keep listening this song over and over again. - Darlene

Hmmm....how about "Bakit Ikaw Pa"...hehe. Seriously, I am having a hard time coming up with just one. How about Shania Twain's "You're Still the One"? I like the lyrics and the melody and it's easy to sing. - Juliana

One song that I remember and love to hear is the: "Love Moves In Mysterious Ways" sang by Nina (not sure if Nyoy Volante had composed the song). From the title itself, I agree with Nina, truly, Love Moves in Mysterious Ways. - Yza

I have lots of faves but my uber favorite songs right now are The Cuppycake song and Bubbly. It's cute, the lyrics are pretty simple but I lurve it! It's lovingly dedicated to my baby Chanelle! :) check out the other songs here in my site.. they're all my fave songs!

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