It's Google PageRanky Panky Baby!

YeY! I finally got my page ranked 3 by Google! It's not much but it's good enough for a newbie like me! I just started blogging for almost 3 months and I'm so happy my ranking went up from 0 to 3! Is it something that I really have to be happy about? Is it really a big deal? Or am I just over reacting?! ick! As I've read, Google page rank is a measure of the relative importance of a web page on the internet.To check on your Google page rank, you can download the Google toolbar which shows the PageRank of your site or of a site that you are browsing. But what's also cool is it integrates access to almost every Google Tool into your browser, which saves you some clicks.

They say page rank helps getting you opps when you have Payperpost or Smorty thingy but I don't even have one. poor me! So why am I so excited about it? lol They also say that if you have high PR score, everybody wants to link you so that means I don't even have to ask for it. cool! Well, simple things make me happy these days, even the slightest and simplest thing in the world can make me smile or cry. Even the shortest comment or message from my blogger friends make me go woot woot! Too much pregnancy horrormones I guess! As for me, I just use this blog as an outlet to share my thoughts, opinions and experiences I'm having throughout my pregnancy, gain friends and to ease my boredom. My goal is not to promote and sell myself as an expert on the subject or make money online but who knows? Maybe I can try signing up for Payperpost or Smorty real soon so I can really fit into this blogging world and get closer to those who really knows how to blog for fun and profit. *thinking*imagining green bucks* weee! Now my goal is changing already. lol The catalyst for both is people or what bloggers called "traffic". Some says page rank increases traffic. Is it true people? Does it mean that the more people visit my site, the higher PR I can get or perhaps the more fun I can possibly have??

I just hope I can keep up with rank 3 coz if not, I think I'm gonna cry! waaaah! kidding! naaah! I think Google is something that is totally and undeniably out of our control. Sure we can do all sorts of things or bogus tricks and techniques to fit in but it doesn't make us the controller. I have to admit that I'm a newbie so I googled a lil bit of info about it and here's what I learned and here's a nice article about how Page Rank works. It looks a little complicated though because of the mathematical formulas and algorithms. But as to how I understand it, it only means that in order to increase PR (stands for public relations?), we should increase internal linking in our site and eliminate redundant outbound links aside from exchanging links. Internal linking means you have to link to other relevant posts in the body of each article or tag your posts.But I don't think it's really necessary to completely eliminate outbound links because I think they also have their own advantage and they could also be one of the factors that Google takes into consideration in determining the PR. The key, they say, is to link relevant, high quality and trustworthy sites. So now, you see, you really have to link me up right now. lol But the thing is, I still don't know how the Google gods and goddesses rank a site. After all, they can do whatever they want with it and they often will. They have the power to adjust the PR in whatever way they want. We, however, have the power to know how to react and cope with the possible results. so for now, I'll just be happy about it and even if it drops back to zero, I'll just try not to fret and try not to get so worked up on it.*wink*


Any comments, my dear?