My First eVer aWard! :)


It's truly an honor to receive this award and since it's my first time to receive an award, I would like to make it extra special. After all, it's my moment of glory! *wink* I know this is far from the Oscars but I feel really grateful and overwhelmed for this. First off, I want to thank Tere for giving me this award. Can you double check the envelope please? hehe I feel so grateful for all the new friends I'm having thru blogging and I want to continue doing this because it simply makes me happy. :)

I also believe that... When you learn, teach. When you get, give. So I'm sharing this blog award to all my new blogger friends, darlene, prettylifeonline, nancy, bheng, norms, pinaymama, juliana and to my baby Dana Chanelle, this is for you. :) I feel so blessed and lucky to have you.

Thank you and Good night! :)