my growing belly at 26 weeks!

hohwell.... i'm on my seventh month already...yey!!! Like any other excited newbie mom-to-be, I just can't wait to see my belly pop soon... so I can see my wonderful first born =)
What is significantly new to my ever growing list of pregnancy discomforts this time, huh? Oh well...nothing much... I guess I'v already started feeling the faux contractions called Braxton Hicks and the lower back pains...arg!! I think a back rub at night will really comfort me a lot! my honey promised me for a back massage tonight! Thank God! so that's when I say I rub u and u rub me too! :) My body pillow helps too when I'm sleeping...

My dearest baby Chanelle, on the other hand, squirms and kicks more frequently these past few days. Perhaps she's enjoying her playtime or baka nagpaparty na si baby ko while she still can move freely around my belly. With my limited belly space, I can feel my baby's kick minsan na parang bubbles lang inside my tummy but then, sometimes her kick is like a supercombo kick ni chun li! haha and it sure can give me a jolt! sometime a I'd rather not eat anything during her kickboxin' time! maybe that's one thing she got from his daddy bengot who loves kickboxing din!

But I was super sad kanina for a friend coz she just lost her baby, she found out that her baby has no heartbeat na and she has a scheduled D&C today... :( so I can just imagine how sad she is right now... maybe God has other lans for her. it's scary and I'm getting worried tuloy with my baby especially pag di sya nagpaparamdam... I just hope and pray that she'll be strong and healthy...I love her so much and I really don't want to lose her.. anyways, I'll say a little prayr na lang for her baby and my baby Chanelle...

Dear God,

You know my fears even before I speak them, but still, I lay them before You. I am overwhelmed by how much I don't know, and I surrender all my misguided efforts and confess that I am totally dependent on You.

I pray for my friend's baby angel and I hope you'll give them the strength and courage to hold on. Help them endure the loss of their baby angel.

I rest in Your assurance to provide beyond what I can give...not just a friend, a daughter and a mother-to-be. I'm honestly frightened. At times, just like other moms, I feel paralyzed by a growing apprehension that something will go badly wrong with my baby's development. Suddenly, I am worrying about all the "what-ifs" again. This entire pregnancy has been such a gift to me.. and I believe that this is what You have planned for me. Lord, only you can see what the coming days will bring. You alone are able to hold this world, my world, securely in its place. Teach me to lay my fears and my fretting down at your feet. I take heart in knowing that Your knowledge is complete. I can quit worrying because You promise to be what I can't. Because confidence is mine through Christ and because You are more than adequate in all things, all these I pray through Christ, our LOrd.


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