dOn't I juSt mAke gOod uSe of mY blOgs? lol

so here's some of my random thoughts... *wink*

There you were with your quirky smile and your ruffled hair
Standing tall, beside an empty chair

The first time i ever saw you, standing beside your friend
How could i have known i would fall without end?

Your charms were boundless, i wasn't immuned
Your big,black eyes got me, one Thursday afternoon

I caught a glimpse of your face, then stood beside you
Though i know i wasn't ready to meet someone new

Had a crush on you, right there and then
but dismissed it as such, not knowing i could love again

Looked forward to every day but you shied away
Was wondering why, 'til you were pushed my way

My heart warmed, my excitement began
Thus it was that i started the plan

Got you shook up, caught unaware
Got you laughing, with my style and my flair


that's all! suddenly, I ran out of


Any comments, my dear?