my first ever shopping spree for my baby!

yey!!! so here's just some of the baby stuff that I bought for my baby..

after my never ending bed rest, I finally got a chance to buy stuff for my baby girl! I was so excited.. ganun pala feeling pag mommy ka na.. you want to buy everything for the baby. You haven’t seen nor held her, but you already love her more than life itself. that's what I'm feeling right now and as a promise, I will give her the best of everything ... I wasn't even thinking of myself anymore, as in lahat talaga para sa baby ko unlike before na almost every week ako may binibili for myself hehe...and since my baby is a and yellow colors entered my head…hmm..purple din! I knew what to buy her and how to dress her up! I tried to imagine how she’d look like...haaay! sana kamukha ng daddy bengot! She is almost 7 months old now..25 weeks at that! and she is kicking in my tummy like crazy. Yes, I know! I know you’re in there! And we can’t wait to see you, too. :)
I also went window shopping na rin for some baby items and it's really a whole new world! Sterilizers, strollers, teethers, baby clothes and of course, toys…everything’s really interesting. pretty neat! I was like a child in a candy store. There were so many cool things, and cute little pink stuff and I wanted some things that was bordering on impractical, which is why I’m glad I was able to pull myself out of my cloud so I just picked only the necessary things first and only those that was written on my list.. Focus. Focus. haha
so I just bought some nappies, baby dress, gauze diapers, pjs,tiesides,receivingblankets,bonnets,mittens,booties,frogsuit,washcloth and a baby book! heehee and the other stuff, we'll just buy it on Saturday. wee!

hohwell...what really keeps my feet on the ground, though, is the thought that my baby won’t even remember all these cute stuff when she grows up! So yes, I should be practical and must pick only the things we need. All the extra cute stuff can come when she’s a little older... *wink* but I've been eyeing this lil cute thing so spare me that cute lil minnie mouse stuff toy na lang hehe I just couldn't resist myself! :) I also bought the baby genius CD singing some of the all-time classic songs nila papa mozart and papa bach para maging genius and gifted din si baby ko. :)
so there's a lot of things pa that I have to buy but I still have 3 more months to go...I just have to buy it one by one coz sabi nila you'll never know when lalabas si baby lalo na pag u reached the 7th month na... so wag ka muna lalabas baby ha! hehe chill ka lang muna jan inside mommy's tummy... ;)


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