Tala by Kyla Encanto Inspired Collection | Up to 30% off on Tala by Kyla's Official Store on Shopee

The miracle is not some magic that you’ve got. The miracle is you.

If you love Encanto, then you're going to want all of these gorgeously enchanting pieces from Tala by Kyla's latest "Encanto"-inspired collection, launching on Shopee this April 17!

Be inspired by every piece that represents a specific family member, with styles ranging from ear cuffs to magnetic necklaces-- making you feel like you are a part of their special gift. There’s always something for everyone! These summer-perfect pieces are versatile and can be worn with any outfit or accessories. Grab these and more up to 30% off on Tala By Kyla's Brand Feature on April 17! 

Started by 21-year-old-student, Kyla Caneta, Tala by Kyla is one of the trending local accessory brands followed and loved by millions. 

With the help of Shopee, Tala by Kyla grew its brand by providing shoppers with personalized and seamless shopping experiences for its beautifully designed accessories with pop culture references.

Tala by Kyla is my go-to local brand for chic accessories for every fan girl so check it out. Of course, Shopee is the best platform for a rewarding shopping experience when you buy these items.

I really love the designs that are inspired to make you feel the magic of the Familia Madrigal. They are made of Stainless Steel Chain and Gold Plated Copper.  Check out these chic and cute designs perfect for everyday pieces:

First up is this gorgeous pair of Encanto earrings (Pepa) that 
are also comes in big bursts, weather-related repercussions but they are also like fireworks. 

Like Mirabel, this pair of earring is bright and vivacious, and eager to please her family above all else.  I felt like they would effortlessly land a place in your earring collection.

Luisa is my personal favorite. I can’t knock them! Luisa is strong but she doesn’t go without adornment. These earrings are gorgeous and super practical for her very physical life.

This is perfection personified. Like Isabela who creates beauty in her wake and is the apple of everyone’s eye. The epitome of beauty, this earrings is feminine, and simply gorgeous. 

This pair is perfect for Dolores' power which is amplified hearing. LikeDolores you can pair this with choker and headband.

Sold as a set, and just like their hearts are connected, Abuela and Mirabel interlinked necklace sets the tone for the look and feel of the entire Family Madrigal. Abuela's more reserved style captures her more serious role. She is still the symbolic loving arms that protect and nurture the family. While Mirabel's necklace is timeless, so is her hope for her family.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the Encanto collection and more up to 30% off on Tala by Kyla's Official Store on Shopee this April 17!

Shop here: https://shope.ee/2pp7CxWBgu

Happy Shopee-ing!!!

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