Get the NEW Tender Care Lavender & Oat Milk Range on Shopee

Here's a FACT

100% of Try and Review testers agree that Tender Care  is gentle on their baby's skin.

And I agree! I would give Yuan a bath using the NEW Tender Care  Lavender & Oat Milk range infused with Lavender scent and 100% natural essential oils to help him relax and stay calm. He can't resist the oh-so-good smell of this line. I love that it has skin-friendly ingredient for my little one and I love how it protects my kid's delicate skin. It's safe, gentle and hypoallergenic so I'm 100% sure that my kids can always be at their best with care that's baby-friendly, care that's best for my kids.  

Tender Care Lavender & Oat Milk, infused with Lavender scent and 100% natural essential oils, helps elicit relaxation and calmness. It also has Oat Milk extract which is known to sooth skin and gentle and calming for your little one. 

The new Tender Care  Lavender & Oat Milk  line includes:

What I love about this range:

-  Hypoallergenic

-  0% Paraben, 0% Silicone, 0% Artificial Coloring

- Calm and relax baby's senses

- Sooth baby's delicate skin

- Lavender scent and 100% natural essential oils elicit 

- Relaxing and calming

- Infused with Oat Milks extracts, a skin-soothing ingredient 

Nothing beats spending time together with your baby, especially when you make moments tender with Tender Care. Try it now for a relaxing and enjoyable bath time for your little one! 

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