Catch Huggies at Shopee's 8.8 Mega Flash Sale

As parents, we want to give the best to our babies that's why we make sure that we choose the right quality brand that will suit our baby's needs. 

Huggies is one of the most trusted and baby's favorite diaper brands in the market. I use Huggies Dry Pants for my Yuan! I’m confident that it will not leak and it will keep his bum dry. It provides the superior care and comfort that they really need. It’s the best diaper for active babies. Here's a bit of good news! This Shopee 8.8 Mega Flash Sale, get ready for the best deals from Huggies!

Here are some items that are available in the Huggies official store on Shopee:

 Huggies Dry Newborn (Price slashed from ₱260 to ₱243 / 7% OFF on Shopee!)

It’s normal for newborn babies to have a watery or runny poo, especially when they’re breastfed. Huggies Dry Newborn has a Poo Absorb Liner that reduces wetness and prevents skin irritation by pulling runny poo away from your newborn’s delicate skin. It also has a 100% breathable outer cover that allows for better airflow, helping keep baby’s skin dry and healthy. 

Check out these features: 

  • Poo Absorb Liner

Pulls runny poo away from baby’s skin and minimizes their spread in the diaper, reducing wetness against the baby’s delicate skin. 

  • Blue Quick Dry Layer

Absorbs fluid quickly to help keep baby’s skin dry

  • 100% Breathable Outer Cover

Allows air to escape up to 10x faster^ through outer cover so baby’s skin stays dry (^vs. non-breathable covers)

  • 5-Layer Sure Dry System

With super absorbent gel which helps absorb and lock fluid inside, providing up to 12- hour dryness^ (based on average urination rate of babies per 12 hours)

  • Double Leak Barriers

Provide extra protection against leaks at the legs

  • Soft and Snug Waistband

With back elastics that keep diaper in place as baby moves

The NEW and IMPROVED Huggies Dry Pants had a 4-way design for complete baby comfort!

> Dry X-pert Channel Technology

> Comfortable Movement

> Helps Prevent Diaper Rash

> 100% Breathable Cover

Huggies Gentle Care Baby Wipes are thick, soft, and absorbent- designed to clean your baby in just one or two wipes. It is made from natural fibres and have been clinically tested to be safe for baby’s delicate skin, providing a safe but effective clean.

The UPGRADED Huggies® Ultra! Huggies® Natural Soft Diapers keeps baby dry and comfy by pulling wetness away for up to 12 hours, and providing premium comfort with 100% Imported Natural Cotton

 These products are all available at the Huggies Official Store in Shopee. Get your own Huggies diapers and baby wipes in Shopee today! Download the Shopee app for free in case you haven’t already from the App Store or Google Play.

Have fun and happy Shopee-ing!

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