LazMall Milk Guarantee Program | What you'll see inside Lazada's Warehouse in Cabuyao, Laguna

Ever wonder how Lazada gets your packages to you so quickly? Have you ever taken a warehouse tour before? Well, same here!

To some, it might seem like a miracle when a box with the familiar Lazada smile arrives at their doorsteps, but I would like to see what happens after I click the "buy now" button.  It's always cool to go see behind the scenes and experience what actually is happening inside a warehouse, and to know the magic and great service behind each delivery.

So, when I had an opportunity to take a tour of of Lazada’s largest and fully automated warehouse located in Cabuyao, Laguna, and got an invite to attend the launch of a new program, I knew I would have to check them out and report back to you. Yessss, reporter ang peg? :)

I woke up a little earlier than usual (I work until 2 or 3am and wake up around 9am) and I'm like a kid who's excited to go on a field trip and to see first-hand how Lazada's warehouse looks like. Hubby drove me to Starbucks, our meeting place.. yeah, he wasn't too upset about the traffic because he's excited for his order that he has placed a few days ago.

Ahead of my visit, I was given several rules and dress code: no sleeveless tops and loose-fitting clothes, no slippers, no straying from the tour, etc. Now if you want a deeper look into a Lazada Warehouse, check out my Instagram stories that will show you what it actually looks like inside of a warehouse, or just continue reading and check out the photos below.

During the tour I marveled at the efficiency of Lazada's e-commerce plant and the facility is vast, just under 55,000 sqm. The tour relies heavily on the yellow lines, which I saw all throughout the tour, for seemingly no other reason than to keep members of the media in line. The passionate and experienced tour guide showed us around the huge warehouse.

First stop: Inbound station. Each item has a bar code, and items that arrive at the fulfillment center are sorted into.

Next is the Inventory Station. Found deep within the organized depths of the warehouse, are millions of products waiting to be picked off the shelf and delivered with joy to consumers all over the country.

At one point, I saw my son's fave milk brand saying “Wow, did you see that?” As if I was seeing a celebrity. LOL

I took note of the other celebrities I saw: diapers, laundry detergent, shampoo, and 42-inch TV. I realized at a certain point that I was excited to see anything I had ever ordered on Lazada.

Last stop is the Outbound station where the item is scanned and boxed up. So glad to see all of their hardworking Lazada employees are committed to deliver all the parcels as quickly as possible! After being sealed and labeled, the boxes are on their merry way, ready to be shipped to customers. Here's a closer look at one of the packages.

The tour lasted about an hour, and on our way back to the holding area, a fellow blogger exclaimed, "It's amazing how big this warehouse is!"

Indeed it is.. huge and fascinating! I love the fact that I got to explore the Lazada warehouse plus I learned a lot about Lazada's new program.

Lazada launched the LazMall Milk Guarantee program, providing moms with the convenience and full confidence to purchase milk formula online. The program is a partnership with renowned milk companies to assure consumers that only high-quality, authentic and fresh milk are available on Lazada’s LazMall platform.

In conceptualizing the program, rigorous market research was done to better understand key concerns related to milk formula purchasing for mothers. The findings include milk product authenticity and expiry dates, reliability of sellers of such products and long delivery lead times.

Through close consultation with milk company partners, Lazada developed a robust set of guidelines and protocols that led to the advent of LazMall’s Milk Guarantee Program. This program guarantees the highest standards are applied for milk handling, storage and delivery of milk products.

Emma Chavarot, Chief Business Officer of Lazada Philippines, said, “Lazada is the first and only e-commerce platform in the country to offer 100 percent guaranteed fresh and authentic milk products for online purchase. Together with our esteemed milk company partners, we are pleased to launch the LazMall Milk Guarantee Program, a product of our close collaboration and our commitment to safeguard and maintain high-quality standards. With busy mom lifestyles, we hope to provide more convenience and ease of mind when taking care of important things like buying fresh and authentic milk for their children.”

LazMall’s Milk Guarantee Program panelists engaged in lively discussion about how important giving and sharing trust to online consumers are by guaranteeing fresh and authentic milk for all mothers. L-R: Wyeth Philippines eBusiness and Communications Director, Michelle Acuna; Lazada Philippines Chief Business Officer, Emma Chavarot; Nestle Philippines Country Business Manager or BEO for Nestle Infant Nutrition, Arlene Tan-Bantoto; Reckitt Benckiser Philippines Marketing Director, Matthieu Muniz.

What Lazada’s Milk Guarantee Promises Moms
  • Authenticity 
Only infant milk formula, growing up milk and maternal milk from official brands and official distributors in the Philippines are sold on Lazada’s LazMall platform. All milk products are 100 percent authentic and are sourced directly from the milk brands.
  • Freshness
The program guarantees that all milk formula products for outbound are at least 6 (six) months from their expiry dates.
  • Quality
Lazada warehouse employees are professionally trained to handle and fulfill orders in accordance with the quality and best practices upheld by the Milk Industry. These milk products are securely stored in Lazada’s warehouse to ensure that product quality is maintained at its best.
  • Worry and Hassle-Free Online Shopping Experience 
With Lazada’s logistics capabilities, all milk products ordered under the Milk Guarantee Program will be delivered straight to the customer’s doorstep within the next day.

Customers are provided with multiple payment options and are updated through SMS and email regarding the status of their orders.

Seal of Milk Guarantee

All milk products covered by the LazMall Milk Guarantee Program will have the green seal of authenticity and freshness as seen below. Now, mothers will never have to worry when purchasing their trusted milk products online.

“When it comes to choosing the right products for one’s child, nothing is left to chance. We identified the challenges faced by mothers through on-the-ground feedback, hence with the LazMall Milk Guarantee program, we truly hope to improve and increase options available on Lazada for mother and baby-related needs,” added Ms Chavarot.

To learn more about the program, and to shop your favourite milk products under the Milk Guarantee Program, visit

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