Zojirushi Stainless Steel Lunch Jar Review

Good news, mga momshies!

Zojirushi ( (zo-gee-roo-she), the Elephant Brand 🐘 and Japan's leading brand in  homewares and small kitchen appliances that has been a partner of many households all over the world, is re-launching in the Philippines.

I'm still in awe of its 99 years of existence in the retail market. Designed with a simple yet powerful slogan in mind: Inspirations from Everyday Life, this global Japanese brand known for quality products since 1918, has established itself as a top manufacturer of vacuum bottles and has continued to leverage the latest technologies to create a constant stream of leading-edge products that make life more comfortable and convenient.
Last week, I was able to visit their newly opened store at the ground floor of Greenhills Promenade (near Missouri St. Exit). All of their products are quite impressive. 

For instance, this pink lunch jar with a super cute design is practically screaming "Hey, buy me now and take me with you!" (yes, ang demanding nya. May now talaga). Eh masunurin ako, so I did! I bought it for P2,400.  It's a little on the pricey side but it’s so worth it and super sulit, mga mamsh!  

My daughter is a picky eater and she really hates eating cold rice. So there's always leftovers  because of the stale veggies/meat and cold rice.  Just like other mom's favorite things to say to their kids, I always tell her to finish her food or baon because there's a lot of hungry kids out there in the street with no food to eat.  But as a mom, I had to agree with her on that part - cold rice is not fun to eat and there’s nothing more comforting than some hot food, or even a warm soup for lunch.

What I really like about this lunch jar is that it's not just nice and cute to look at, it's also very easy to carry, lightweight and the bowls are spill-resistant. My daughter has been using it for a week now and I'm one happy momma because she's been consistent in eating probably most, if not all, of the contents inside her new lunch jar. Major yay! 

So just imagine me smiling from ear to ear whenever she goes home from school and I see her lunch jar empty and wiped out. Ubos ang rice, besh! This morning, she had Chicken Arrozcaldo and she's amazed how it kept her porridge nice and warm from when it’s prepared at 6 am until lunch time at 12:00 pm. Ay o... Magic daw! 😊

I can also make baby food for my 1 year old baby boy in this lunch jar. All you need to do is to put cold water over 1/4 cup of washed rice for about 5 minutes then drain. Then, fill the jar with boiling hot water until below the neck of the opening then close the lid.  You can check back after 3-4 hours and voila! It magically turns your rice into something that translates beautifully to lunch a.k.a. instant porridge in a jar! And the same goes for warm noodle soup!

It needs no reheating and you can eat it as it’s meant to be eaten, not trying to resuscitate it in the microwave. Umm.. resuscitate talaga? Seriously, don't let your kids eat stale or cold food when they can have a warm and nutritious home-cooked meal for lunch. Just get a high quality lunch jar. Your mind will thank you, and if I’m your kiddo, even I will thank you.

It has three microwavable bowls that keep the food separate so the flavors stay the same. There's a large main-meal container with an insulated lid that's easy  to open (which makes it easy to use by children), a smaller container I use for salads/veggies, and an even smaller container for snacks like cookies/cheese/fruits. It also makes a great dessert container.  Because it is the smallest container, it means that I can limit whatever sweets are in this container. I use the rest of the 2 bigger  bowls for soup and with meat or a main dish with meat. 

It also comes with a matching insulated bag that is the perfect size for my daughter. It's not heavy or bulky so she doesn't find it hard to carry to school. I really love how you can spread the bag/pouch and use it as a portable table-mat. Plus, it's easy to clean; both the outside and inside part can be wiped with wet cloth.

I also have food safety concerns that's why I'm always looking for tips on how to keep my kids safe from foodborne illness. I've read that eating cold rice and pasta can cause food poisoning, and this is because of food poisoning-causing bacteria. The moment you add water to the rice and pasta, they suddenly become potentially hazardous foods.  Bacteria can grow in cooked rice and pasta if those foods aren't properly handled.  This goes for not only rice and pasta, but other grains cooked in water.

If we don't keep potentially hazardous foods cold or hot and we don't handle them properly, they're in the 'danger zone' which means we're allowing the bacteria to grow.

Indeed, taking lunch to school is super safe and convenient with Zojirushi’s vacuum insulated lunch jars that keep the food hot for hours. Plus, moms like me are assured that all surfaces that come into contact with our child's food are BPA-free! 

 Wanna know how their lunch jars keep the food hot and fresh for up to 12 hours?

 So, ganito sya guys...  

Heat is easily preserved because of its vacuum insulated stainless steel construction. 

 Stainless vacuum insulation means air between to glass walls has been extracted (or vacuumed) to ensure heat of beverage is preserved. Yehesss! Surprised I know that too? Of course, I asked the staff at the store. 😂 

On top of that, the stainless steel coating found inside the lunch jar prevents leftover odor and stainless discoloration. 

All containers are microwavable (except the lids). They also have different number of layers for varying needs. Most models include bags and chopsticks. It's also ideal for taking to places where refrigerator and microwave oven may not be readily available.

Then there is Zojirushi’s air pots and handy pots. I bought a handy pot too because I love drinking tea and coffee. I was convinced by a friend that Zojirushi's air pots and handy pots are most reliable and efficient with its double walled glass vacuum insulation ensuring heat is preserved. 

Double walled glass vacuum insulation means air between two glass walls has been extracted (or vacuumed) to ensure the temperature of the liquid content is preserved. Again, don't be surprised because I asked that too. Thanks to the very friendly staff who was able to answer all my questions.

What’s more? It is non-electric but can preserve heat for up to 24 hours allowing huge savings on electricity. It comes with a safety lock for most models and a 360( swivel for some. Plus, the heat or moist would not be felt on the outer body. 

The best part? It's the only brand that offers 3-month warranty for vacuum glass even if customer breaks it accidentally. So parang 3-month rule lang yan, but it's like the opposite. If you break it after 3 months, you can't have it changed na. Kasi besh, wala naman talagang forever. Although, they told me that they haven't encountered a customer who bought an air pot and went back to their store with a broken heart, err I mean vacuum glass, which means that their products are really durable.

 Also, I'm quite impressed with their Induction Heating Rice Cooker which induces heat directly to the molecular structure of rice resulting into better tasting rice. I'm actually saving up for this one because, beshie, you know naman... RICE is layf.

Some of its features include:  different pre-set rice settings (including the GABA brown rice option), timer feature and Extended Keep Warm function.

They have a cheaper one which is the Micro-computerized (Micom) Rice Cookers and here are some of its superb features:

- Top and bottom heating element
- 5 stages of cooking rice: Soaking, Heating, Cooking, Final Touch, and Steaming
- Different pre-set rice settings (White, Brown, Mixed, Porridge, Sweet, Sushi)
- Timer feature (cook while you are away)
- Extended Keep Warm function

Zojirushi is also well known for their tumblers as beverages stay in their preferred temperature for up to 24 hours, hot or cold. 

Take it or leave it, but you will surely not find a more fashionable and appealing tumbler than Zojirushi. They come in a variety of colors and designs that are not only chic but also functional. A special stainless coating has been applied to these tumblers to protect them from corrosion, discoloration, and odor. A not so small consideration is that their tumblers are not cheap, ranging from around P1400-P2000.

Indeed, Zojirushi products are indeed #ZOdurable and #ZOefficient. Its promise to be inspirations for everyday life and its presence in the Philippine market is such a welcome treat for Filipino consumers. Now I know why a lot of people choose Zojirushi over other Japanese brands. Trust me  when I say that no other brand can provide you better value for money than Zojirushi.

Visit SM Home to check out the latest kitchen appliances they have to offer you. For the entire month of March, all Zojirushi items 🐘 carry a 10% discount off their SRPs at select SM stores. They also have up to 25% off on selected items in their boutique stores.

Zojirushi products are available in most leading department stores nationwide (SM Home, SM Appliance, Abenson, Robinsons Department Store, Rustan’s, The Landmark, Anson’s, and many more) with a showroom at the ground floor of Greenhills  Promenade. For more information, visit www.zojirushi.com.ph and follow Zojirushi Philippines on Facebook and Instagram @zojirushi_ph.

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