Online Gaming as an Outlet During the Pandemic

When lockdowns began and people had nothing much to do, millions of people around the world turned to digital diversions to stay sane, like Netflix viewings, virtual parties, Zoom chats and playing online games.  Many have found a new outlet by turning to online games for much-need entertainment and some sort of relief in isolation during the pandemic. 

Online games have replaced outdoor games for many, including my active kids. It acted as stand-ins for physical interactions or in-person games. 

Also, playing online games has become our new ritual as we continue to isolate at home. The pandemic opened a lot of people’s eyes – even non-gamers – to what games can do to  keep themselves busy. Even my sister who hates playing online games has started liking it and realized that online game environment was “highly entertaining”. Somehow, it brings people together and provides laid-back escapism and feelings of safety in these turbulent times.

I was quite surprised when my sister who’s never played online games in her entire life got really bored and asked me where can she get free online games. That is why I searched for "free browser-based online games" and found a site that's worth checking out. 

On top of my list is the site which is great for all kinds of gamers, because anyone can play it. It has a huge variety of free and fun online games which can quickly be played from the browser, as well as a wide variety of game categories to choose from. From casual online games to more intense ones like ultimate boxing game, there are tons of fun games and characters that kids and kids-at-heart will surely love!

What I love about this site is that it's the opposite of those popular games with too many ads, paid upgrades, and addictive loops.  I also like the added features like detailed game instructions, reviews and ratings based on design, difficulty, originality, and replay. Best part? There's no need to download apps or set up a user account.

The game categories are super simple and I like the idea of playing games not as competition  but for the sake of play and to have fun. My son's favorite game is the Cannon Shot which is a simple 11-level game for kids which resembles a cross between a water cannon game and a skee ball shooting game found in physical arcades. He enjoyed it so much because I know how much he likes playing ball games and target shooting at the playground with his friends. Some of the games like Neon Invaders remind me of classic games like Space Armada, Galactic Chase, and Space Invaders! 

So if you're looking for fun online games but cannot afford video games and are often stuck playing mobile apps that frustrate users into buying upgrades or accidentally clicking ads, check this out. It's such a great way to beat stress or boredom during lockdown.

It's amazing how simple yet fun online games can help old and new gamers alike keep safe and sane during the pandemic. So although I don't like my kids staring at a screen for a long time, I make sure to set a time limit so it won't become an unhealthy habit for them and I make sure that the sites are safe and kid-friendly.

So, I therefore conclude, as more and more people look for ways to pass their idle time, we will always find ways like online games to have fun at home. I bet gamers may keep on playing games even after we’re allowed to socialize and play in person. 

For some people, it's like a blessing in disguise. The extra free time gave them new ways to have fun at home. In the age of extended quarantines, social distancing, and mental health strains, it also led them to stumble upon new online sites that can offer them some relief from present grievances.

Oh well. BRB. Will play Pac-Rat (inspired by the classic Pac-Man) while eating cheese in a bit. :)

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