Alex Gonzaga Shares How She Starts Her Day with #QuakerDeliciousMornings

It's not always easy to find the time to prepare a healthy breakfast when juggling busy careers and lives. And if you're not a morning person (like me!) and you're stuck in a breakfast rut, AG's got your back!

To help kickstart your day in a simple, nutritious and healthy way, I'm sharing how AG from the East a.k.a Alex Gonzaga begins her days and how she makes her mornings even more delicious and healthy with Quaker Oats.  Read on to find out how you should be starting the day from now on.

I think part of being healthy is having a healthy attitude about it and sort of saying, "Hey, you know what, I care deeply about my health as well as my family's health, so I'd like to incorporate delicious healthy habits into my morning routine."

Easy to say, but hard to do. It's so hard when you're not used to eating breakfast in the morning. Luckily, Quaker hosted a Delicious Mornings Breakfast Show with no less then the ever energetic and funny duo Alex Gonzaga and Luiz Manzano. The show was super fun and lively, and I love how they disarmed the audience with their sense of humor. They shared how they make their mornings even more delicious. Plus, they gave away some of their morning must-haves including a pack of Quaker Oats.

For over 140 years, the world’s number 1 oatmeal brand has been filling homes with great-tasting, nutritious oats. No question why it has lived up to its name as the chosen breakfast meal among the rest!

As a supergrain, Quaker Oats contains fiber to help keep you full longer, protein that gives you energy to get going, and beta-glucan to lower cholesterol for your heart health.

Quaker Oats now comes with even more exciting flavors! Chocolate, Chocolate with Milk, Banana and Honey, and Original with Milk and awesome flavors we would all surely love. Just add hot water and you’ll get a tasty and nutritious breaky that you need to help you tackle the rest of the day!

After all, we need a healthy breakfast to keep up with our insanely active lifestyle, right? And when your breakfast feels a little dull to you, you can  always add a little fruit or two to add flavor and texture. In this case, I have a bowl of  Quaker Instant Oats in delicious Chocolate with strawberries and mangoes on top, and, hey, I'll have this any time of the day. Kahit merienda or midnight snack pa yan! Also, this is my little one's favorite breaky which makes it my fave meal of the day too. 

Our mornings have never been so delicious than with Quaker Oats! Whichever flavor you choose to have from their latest offerings, it is a guaranteed way to brighten up your day!

Quaker Instant Oats in delicious Chocolate, Chocolate with Milk, Banana & Honey, and Original with Milk, is now available in 33g, 200g, 500g packs for as low as P10, in all supermarkets, groceries and convenient stores nationwide!

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  1. Yes I’m using Quaker Oats also momshy gor ly Healthy Breakfast after my 20 minutes exercise at home .since I’m Stay at home mom I need to give some healthy lifestyle to myself and specially for My food.


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