Celebrate Father's Day with Yellow Cab's Father's Day Bundle

What do these guys have in common?

Good looks, yes. But also, big heart. ♥️

And because Father's Day is just around the corner, I wanted to share a few words for all the hardworking and amazing DADs in my life. ♥️ It's a thank you really.

Thank you, Daddy Benj. We've done a lot of things together with our kids, but nowhere has there been more learning, living and growing than when they're with you. And while there's tears from time to time, there are smiles and laughter more of the others. I've watched you as a dad to Maia and Yuan, and I'm so proud to see how you've tried and learned to be a better one.

Because like photography, no one moment in time is ever the same. And you, as a photographer, have captured every moment in our life. The best work that you do is that you capture the right moment at the right time, just like when you make the right choice at the right time. And if you get it wrong, you just try and try again because progress, not perfection, is how you teach our kids to achieve their dreams.

Also, thank you because I can sleep in until 9am on most days (I work on my backlogs/deadlines until 2am) Sometimes you're masungit and may topak (insert evil laugh nyahahaha) but I'm grateful and amazed of all you can do even with the lack of sleep from our toddler. hehe (More pogi points pala for daddy because he brings me coffee in bed, gets up early every single morning to take Maia to school, all the while continuing to run our business flawlessly. Iba din. Nakakaproud.)

To my Papa Ben Hill aka "Kano" and my father-in-law, Dad EstraƱero Jun Dolormente, thank you for being the kind of lasting example our Daddy Benj wants to be to his kids now, and for teaching him how to be a better man and a better father. ♥️

And to all the DADS, stepdads, foster dads, grandpas, dads-to-be, dad figures... all the great DADS out there, remember that what you are doing is of huge significance and you're making a difference in someone's life. Your influence as a "father" can never be underestimated! You may not see it now but that is remarkable. So, thank you.

Wishing all DADS an amazing day, and I pray you feel honored and loved not just just today but everyday, because you deserve all the best things in the world! ♥️

Speaking of best, dads deserve the best pizza, yes?

Yasss! This Father’s Day, it’s time to get extra cheesy for dad with Yellow Cab's Father's Day Bundle that comes with a FREE #4 Cheese Pizza! Glad to have first dibs on this tasty deal. We really enjoyed the gooey cheesy madness of #4 Cheese pizza that goes perfectly with hickory BBQ Chicken Pizza, savory Charlie Chan Pasta, and fiery Hot Chix Chicken Poppers!

Buy the 10” BBQ Chicken Pizza, large Charlie Chan, large Hot Chix Chicken Poppers for P999 and get the 10” #4 Cheese pizza for free! It's so worth it talaga!

Available for dine-in, take-out, delivery & curbside pick-up. Promo period is from June 12 -16, 2019 only.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get extra cheesy for dad, and don't forget to order ha. The earlier, the better.. Lagi kasi nasa huli ang pag-che-cheesy. Yellow Cab now. Order Online at delivery.yellowcabpizza.com.

Happy Father's Day to all the poging dads in the world!

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