All the Best Bites at the #AweSMFeast Food Crawl at SM Megamall and SM Aura

We all know how exciting it is to experience a food crawl. That excitement carries into the day and increases as we rush from one resto to another to get all the food and drinks in our tummies for a real taste test! That's why I gave it a go when I received an invite to join the AweSMFeast Food Crawl at SM Megamall and SM Aura Premier.

Let me tell you up front, I LOVED the AweSMFeast Food Crawl! Sampled more than 10 (yes, 10!) different delicacies and learned how they're made. SM has everything: Singaporean food, Thai food, Vietnamese, Japanese, Filipino, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Western, Chinese cuisine and more. There were 12 stops, each unique and tasted incredible. Seriously, there were just so many yummy dishes to try - and it's actually a fun problem to have. :)

Our 9-hour food crawl started at DC Super Heroes Cafe in Mega Fashion Hall. We met our super funny tour guide, the very famous Cheridel Alejandrino a.k.a. SM Elevator Girl. She's very chatty and passionate about food and her job! Hashtag "#ilovemyjob" and I love her contagious laugh and even if we were super tired na at the end of the day, she was still full of energy.

I'm so excited to share these food photos with you, loves. You can't help but smile and salivate as you scroll through and see these yummy dishes! More food photos here.

Ready? Let’s take a food crawl to some of SM’s best places for all the best bites in the metro!

The culinary experience began with with DC Super Heroes Café's DC-inspired specials; Chicken Fingers a la Negra (P350) and 12-hour Glazed Pork Belly  (P480) inspired by Bane, who needs Venom every 12 hours. Oh, and the Deep Cacao Milk Chocolate Smoothie is love at first sip! They said the Age of Heroes would never come again. BUT it has and you can eat them all at DC Café.

Next was a stop at Kam's Roast to take in the variety of  traditional Chinese cuisine. It has a Michelin Star status so it's definitely a must try! I love Kam's Roast Duck, Toro Char Siu (BBQ pork belly) and the marinated cucumber with vinegar and garlic. Promise, super sarap!

Each bite of Char Siu is a perfect blend of sweet and savory flavors that will make you want more. And that is why I'm coming back for more soon!

Then it’s time to sit down and  enjoy  at a Japanese restaurant, Botejyu, which is famous for its okonomiyaki and okosoba. It's where I had the best Takoyaki so far, served with different flavors in one plate. You can also put as many bonito flakes as you want on your Okonomiyaki! And good news for Kapampangans because they're opening a branch soon at SM Pampanga. Yay!

Then we headed out in search of the tastes of Japanese cuisine at yet another Japanese restaurant, Genki Sushi. Delicious Jap food, good ambiance, friendly crew, unique ordering and serving of food and reasonable price. Plus, cute Hello Kitty plates and spoon. I love the Sushi desserts especially the Mango Nigiri! All the love in the sweet sushi world on a single Hello Kitty plate.

After we all had a taste of Japanese dishes, we went straight to our last stop at SM Megamall's Instagram-worthy restaurant, Le Petite Souffle, for our French-Japanese fix. It's definitely a treat to eat the Carbonara Souffle and a slice of their 17-layer chocolate cake! This place is as dreamy as pasta and cake can get!

The second part of our food crawl was at a posh French restaurant, La Mere Poulard in SM Aura Premier. They serve Filipino x French fusion dishes, and they're famous for their delicious omelettes served with Truffle Risotto topped with Foie Gras. Ang sosyal di ba? But seriously, it's a premium and delicious meal and you deserve it. Also, the chicken adobo with apple cider sauce has Yummmmy written all over it! Sarap!

Our 8th stop is Nanyang where we got to try some Singaporean food (the Hainanese chicken with different sauces) and my favorite Kopi jelly milk tea. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about this cuisine, it’s that there’s a fire in every dish: the spice and warmth of a bowl of laksa Prawn (P238). I love the level of spiciness and the combination of prawn and egg balances the flavor! Must try talaga and promise, di ako OA.

On to our next stop: Prego Trattoria where we indulged in a sinful Tartufo cake(P250) and steak with the super yummy pasta! The tajerin al Tartufo, made in their famous truffle sauce, is absolutely phenomenal! Prego's got you covered, whether you're into greens, pasta, cake or sumptuous meats! The façade and interior may look expensive but the menu says otherwise. A plate of pasta ranges Php240 to Php390.

Then we went to Tamarind, a Thai restaurant where you can savour the flavorful and authentic Thai disges. I love Thai food and that is why I can't say no to their Crispy Pork Salad. Halfway diet pa din, right? LOL Their salads are for sharing, so if you're tired walking in the mall, grab a quick and healthy snack at Tamarind.

For our 10th stop, we dined at Nha Em where we sampled two popular Vietnamese dishes, Crispy Crepe (size is 17 inches) and a bowl of authentic Pho Bo. Super sarap pareho! I've always wanted to visit Vietnam because of its extraordinary culture and places and unique gastronomy, but eating at Nha Em made me feel like I've been to Vietnam a hundred times already. The restaurant is run by their very accommodating owner who explained the different Vietnamese dishes and served us the most flavorful blend of Ca phe sua da.

Next stop: Rackshack! I already blogged about it here. It's a can't-miss! The menu includes ridiculously good ribs, super crisoy Crack fried chicken and pasta dishes so it’s a great place to have dinner or simply settle down and chill with friends.

Ended our food crawl with some sweet treats and graze cones from Aperitif. Make sure to try their freshly made gelato even on rainy days! I mean, how can you say no to gelato?

The classic graze cone is the perfect handheld treat, big enough to enjoy in small bites but small enough to cram several into your mouth at once! Cold cuts and cheese in handy graze cone is made with love, and it's P350 only.

Overall, the #AweSMFeast Food Crawl was a great experience in itself that is comparable to none, and each dish lived up to my expectations! My blogger friends and I enjoyed every meal and appreciated the food, and pleasant walk with our amazing guide, Cheridel! Thank you, SM Supermalls, for having me. I loved every (nomnom) moment of it.

So ano na, besh? Go na and let SM satisfy your every craving for delicious food and drinks at SM Megamall and SM Aura Premier. Don't forget to include it in your weekend plans. You're welcome.

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