Top 5 Power Dressing Myths Every Girl Should Say Goodbye To

I grew up believing the myth that short girls can't wear stripes and maxi dresses because it makes them look shorter and larger than you are. But as I grow older (and wiser) I've learned that not only can I wear whatever I please, some maxi dresses with stripes or bold prints are quite flattering. Now, I just wear what my little heart desires and shrug off the haters.

Oh, and I want to take a minute to debunk a few fashion myths on how a power dresser should be. Btw, a power dress is something you feel strong, confident and beautiful in. A dress that will give the confidence to face the world like a girl boss. I believe every woman should own at least one.

In today's modern fashion world, the truth about "power dressing" should set you free so let me clear out a few things here.

Myth #1:
To be a power dresser, you must be a fashion guru.

They say you must be an expert who knows everything about fashion. I say, we should live our fashionable life as a constant learner. As the world grows, shifts and changes, there will always be something new to learn or a new trend to try. The key is to wear any dress with confidence. That uncompromising confidence is your best accessory for any outfit. After all, it's not about what you wear, but how you wear it!

Oh, and trust me, the expert is in you already. Don't let the word "guru" cause self-doubt. If you can wear a dress with confidence, you can influence. If you can influence, you can change lives. This is what makes all the difference.

 Myth #2:
To be a power dresser, you should follow what other fashionistas do.

Rules like; Your bags and shoes must always match. Shining, shimmering and sequined pieces are for night outs only. Oh no, they aren't! Forget those fashion fibs you were told growing up. Break the rules and wear whatever you feel like wearing! Also, be authentic. Authenticity comes from being in your true power. What you wear shows whether you are truly powerful or powerless, for reals.

Too many times I've heard "I will start wearing that when..." Say, when I become thinner, when I reach 30, when I have more money, etc. Don't let when turn into never. One dress can change your life, so why not? Wear it now and work it, girl!

Repeat after me: I am a power dresser!

Myth #3:
Crop tops and miniskirts shouldn't be worn by moms or women over 35.

Nonsense. And other non-verbal cues that anyone can muster. I'm one of those women and I strongly disagree. If you're 40 and you want to show off your abs and wear a crop top, then go for it! Let me stress that you can be stylish at any age; it's all about how you wear it and how it makes you feel.

Here's a look I can work in and feel good about it, even if my belly and stretchmarks are showing.  :)

Often times, I tend to keep my wardrobe rather simple, usually something black or white. For a person that really likes black, there is bound to be a very scarce amount of something colorful in my wardrobe. So a touch of dusty blue tulle skirt and a little princess twirl is a perfect way to bring out the kid in me.

What I wore: Whimsical tulle skirt, which I felt was oh-so-Cindy on a foggy afternoon. Cue tons of lush green moss, pine trees and birds chirping.

Myth #4:
To be a power dresser, you must have a slender body.

Nope! Fashionistas and models of all shapes and sizes across the globe have proven that this is indeed not true. Fake news, besh. Regardless of what body you are born with, no force in this universe should stop you from wearing whatever you want to wear. A power dress is a power dress whether you're a size 4 or 16. The key is the fit of the dress, how you style it and with how much confidence you wear it with.

Your body size is not the first thing someone notices about you. It's your personality that enters the room before you do, and will speak volumes without even saying a word. So dress in what complements your body and carry your confidence wherever you go.

Myth #5:
To be a power dresser, you must have a lot of money.

They say you should have a massive closet with an extensive selection of branded clothes, and it's not cool to repeat! Well, this myth should go right into the trash bin. These days, repeating the clothes you wear is totally acceptable. You don't have to buy a new piece for every occasion. Try renting or re-using your old clothes with a little creativity.

Rented this Karimadon for Php900 from @brands4lease
Ever heard of mixing and matching? It's all about creating and expressing your own personal style. You've got to shift gears. More of the same usually just gives you, well, more of the same.

It doesn't have to be fancy or super expensive. This one is probably my fave. I got this dress under Php300 in a thrift shop and I get tons of compliments whenever I wear it, but more importantly, I feel like I can rule the world in it. I think of it as my "Wonderwoman" dress, minus the cape. Again, your best accessory is confidence and it is totally, completely 100% FREE!

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What fashion myths have kept you from being a power dresser? Please let me know in the comments below.