Fitness First Platinum Club at Viridian

If your last vacay involved obscene amounts of carbs, alcohol, and a huge tub of ice cream—then perhaps it's time to check into the newest Platinum club in Greenhills, a healthier alternative to getting over that inappropriate post-holiday binge.

I discovered this place when I was invited by Fitness First, the leading health club operator in the country, last Tuesday. It's the 5th Platinum club located at Viridian, the newest and most prestigious residential condominium tower at the heart of the Greenhills Shopping Center along Connecticut and Missouri Streets in San Juan City.  We were guided by their expert staff for a quick tour of the club and introduction to the equipment and facilities.

After seeing all the corners of the club looking impeccable, that occupies a sprawling 1,860 square meters of the first and second levels of Viridian, I strongly believe it is poised to redefine the fitness experience with its innovative club design, expansive Freestyle floor area and cutting-edge equipment. The whole place was buzzed with energy while health obsessed gym rats mopped their faces with towels—sweat or tears, it was impossible to tell. *wink*

At the Member's Lounge area, we were greeted with warm smiles, as one of their fitness experts discussed their current fitness programs and personalised workouts that will suit our needs. While I love working out, I have a specific deep-seated phobia of having a personal trainer but I'd love to try it though. The idea being that the only thing standing between me and me dream body is the hassle of arranging the right class schedule and of course, my pregnancy. But I'm pretty sure I'll get back to it next year.

As well as everything you can get at all Fitness First clubs, you'll find at a Platinum club the highest quality facilities, club design and value-added finishes that will make your workout experience all the more enjoyable.

This Platinum club boasts of the first Rep House Freestyle Floor specifically designed by Fitness First experts to provide members the true essence of Dynamic Movement Training.

The exclusively designed floor is used for Freestyle Group Training, a quick 30-minute small group format that caters to people on the go.

Another highlight that is exclusive to this club is the Water Rower,a top-of-the-line equipment regarded for its precise replication of a boat moving through water.

Did you know that this rowing machine can burn up to 1000 calories per hour and works on 84% of one’s muscle mass in just one exercise?? Yay! Must try.

The 30-member strong Fitness Team are all certified in kick boxing, Powerplate and Octane.  All of them are passionate about helping members achieve their fitness goals and most of them also teach Group Exercise classes.  

The club proudly offers more than 470 Group Exercise Classes throughout the month and includes dance, cycling, Hardcore, Body Combat, and Body Jam classes to name a few.

Aerial Yoga, the latest craze in yoga is also available. This fun, new and creative approach to yoga uses a yoga swing to support the body to comfortably execute poses for an extended period. A bit challenging but definitely a must-try.

For membership inquiries, contact Phoebe Zamora, Club General Manager, at 706-1465, or visit