Thursday, August 6, 2015

Vita Cubes: Healthy and Clever Way to Satisfy your Kid's Jelly Candy Addiction

Ever gone to great lengths to find a vitamins that your kids will truly love? You’re not alone! Whenever we're at the grocery, my daughter would skip the aisle with bottles of vitamins and go straight to the candies section. Yeah, sure they taste great, but have you ever thought about why they taste so good? Those get-stuck-in-your teeth sweets contain too much sugar, unneeded calories, artificial colors and flavors, and even lack the actual nutrients that your kids need.

Thankfully, there is a product on the market that makes taking vitamins super fun and yum for the kids, and moms can rest assured their kids are getting what they need. Turns out, getting your kid's jelly candy fix just got so much better and healthier! Plus, for a kid with a sharp, outsize sweet tooth, who doesn't want another excuse to eat candies?

If you have picky kids, or a kid who's picky and loves candies for that matter, you may be interested in trying healthier alternatives like Vita Cubes. With the colorful shapes and sugary taste of Vita Cubes Fruit Flavored Jelly Candies, the latest treat from Rebisco, the kids will just be happy to keep their pockets full of these. And to top things off, these sweets are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals that are important for growing children.

So what vitamins will your kids get in each bite? *RENI – Recommended Energy and Nutrient Intakes

Lysine - Contains 70% of the child’s RENI. Aids the body in proper growth and energy production. Also helps in calcium absorption.
Zinc - Contains 70% of tha child’s Recommended Energy and Nutritional Intake (RENI). Zinc is known to help in proper functioning of the immune and digestive systems, energy metabolism, and in increasing the rate of healing for wounds.
Vitamin A - Contains 40% of the child’s RENI. Helps in increasing the body’s immunity to fight infections. Also plays an important role in ensuring healthy eyes and bone development.
Vitamin B - Supplies 30-70% of the child’s RENI. Promotes growth and strength and stimulates memory in children in their formative years. Helps boost the oxygen circulation in the body, especially the brain, which in
turn improved concentration. Helps convert carbohydrates and fats into energy.
Vitamin C - Supplies 30% of the child’s RENI.Helps form and repair red bloods cells, bones, and tissues. Helps your child’s gums stay healthy. Strengthens your child’s blood vessels, minimizing bruising from falls and scrapes.
Helps cuts and wounds heal, boosts the immune system, and keeps infections at bay.
Helps the body absorb iron from food sources.
Vitamin E - Supplies 45% of the child’s RENI. Boosts the immune system and helps the body fight germs. Keeps blood vessels open wide enough for blood to flow freely. Helps the cells of the body work together to perform many important functions.

It comes in 2 pack sizes, one with 5 different flavors per pack and the other individually wrapped jelly candy. It's yummy and it's good. Seriously.

Grab Vita Cubes next time you're at the store and give it a try. Available at  all Mercury Drug outlets, SM Supermarkets, Robinson’s Supermarkets, Waltermart, Landmark, Puregold, Mini Stop and local grocery stores. You'll see just how easy it is to get your kids the nutrition they need to stay healthy.

For more information, visit the Vita Cubes website or find them on Twitter!


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