Saturday, June 1, 2013

Let Your Kids Play, Build and Learn at VitaPops Inventors' Lab

Hello, mommies!

Is it tough to get your kids to take their daily vitamins? Want a more fun way for your kids to take their vitamins?

Well, VitaPops has come to the rescue because vitamin time is now super fun! It's the forst and only "pop rocks" vitamins in the country made by Unilab ( from the makers of leading vitamin C brand, Ceelin and Ceelin Chewables) Vitamins disguised as popping candies or pop rocks candies, your kids won’t just take their vitamins, they’ll love it!

It's a fun, new way for children to get their daily dose of vitamin C! And it's actually pretty tasty! I was like, "What is this world coming to? Where were these when I was a kid?"

VitaPops are orange-flavored vitamins which come in pop rocks form- the ones which pop, fizzle and crack inside your mouth. It comes in Sodium Ascorbate form of Vitamin C so it is tummy-friendly and can be taken on an empty stomach.  This FDA-approved vitacandy contains only 1/5 of the sugar content of normal vitamins preventing tooth decays. It comes in single dose sachets which make it convenient for moms to give to kids. It can even be given as part of their everyday "baon."

My daughter is a Ceelin baby so it's not surprising that she liked VitaPops right away.  She loved the crackling experience and I'm quite assured that she’s getting the vitamin C her body needs. These pop rocks vitamins are a great alternative to regular vitamins that leaves an after taste in your kid's mouth. These are so fun to eat and are perfect for everyday use to boost your child's immunity. I wonder if they could come up with "vegetables" variant as well. I could really use some help in that department to make sure she gets good nutrition. Indeed, VitaPops is actually one of the most brilliant inventions ever.

Speaking of inventions, Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center and its partner, Vitapops- Unilab's first and only pop rock vitamins C for kids, has launched the first Invetors' Lab in a pop -rock-themed party.  Hosted by Mrs. Danica Sotto-Pingris, the event was held last Tuesday at the South Pavilion of SM Mall of Asia.

Kids need the proper protection, guidance and a good amount of fun to unleash their full potentials.  Aiming to be parent's partners in their task to educate, protect their kids to ensure that they are able to enjoy a full childhood experience, Inventors' Lab gears kids up for a full childhood experience where they get to experiment and discover the fun wonders of science through this collaborative campaign. It would also accentuate the parents' role in ensuring that their kids are 100% healthy and protected.

Vitapops Inventors' Lab is an air-conditioned children's play and activity area at SM Mall of Asia, ensuring development of motor & coordination skills of children aged 1 to 12. It is located at the second level of SM Mall of Asia's South Side of Entertainment Mall.

My daughter had a blast at VitaPops Inventors' Lab!

By using the latest K'NEX gadgets and other toys, you can let your children's imagination roam free, satisfying the greater need to develop a specialized area that would promote ingenuity and creativity of kids. It features construction toys that stimulate the minds and and creativity of kids. There are also Kinect Interactive video games, which the children can enjoy among many other activities lined up for them.

"The Science Discovery Center has always been at the forefront of edu-tainment. We firmly believe that learning occurs when you provide children with an enjoyable atmosphere in an encouraging and protected environment. In this exhibit, with the help of our partners at Vitapops, we want to create exactly that," said Mr. Arturo Caraballo Jr., the senior operations manager of the Nido Science Discovery Center.

A pool of kids or young inventors went head to head as they build innovative creations. Tasked with the goal of making something creative, the kids used different parts of the construction toys.

I also took part in a similar contest for the media group category and guess what? Our group won. Hooray! To be honest, we had no idea what we were doing and we were simply having fun in constructing baroque popsicle busts while imagining a popular summer destination in the Philippines.

There was a rockin' pop rock concert hosted by Jive which is one of the most popular entertainment groups/ hosts for events. I often watch them perform at some kiddie parties that we cover at Shuttercount and the level of fun and energy never fails to amaze me.

Some kids tried VitaPops and they loved it to bits!

Also, my daughter had an explosive fun as she discovered the wonderful world of Science. Here's a video:

Inventors' Lab is one of the best and kid-friendly places for your kids where they can engage in fun, creative activities under the supervision of qualified staff.  Your kids can run around and roam the play area, which is packed with all kinds of different activity facilities for mind stimulation while you can  enjoy some much-needed me-time. You'll be happy knowing your kids will be learning new things as they build their imagination and make new friends.

Come and visit this enjoyable Inventors' Lab where your children can play, build and learn!

Would you like to win one of these VitaPops goodies for your little one?  Our group won and I'd love to share some poppin' fun! I'm giving away VitaPops lootbags!

Just leave a comment below with your name, email address and answer this question: "Would you take your kids to VitaPops Inventors' Lab? If yes, why?" You must be a fan of Rockstarmomma & Shuttercount Facebook pages; and a follower of Rockstarmomma on Twitter.  Giveaway ends on Wednesday and winners will be chosen via manual raffle draw. Will record a video of the actual raffle draw. :)



  1. Ma. Clarice Lao
    Definitely, I would take my kids to Investor's Lab. I would like him to experience every learning opportunity he can get especially outside the 4 walls of the classroom. Learning should be FUN!

  2. Marisse N. Sambulot
    yes because it is one of the best and kid-friendly places for your kids where they can engage in fun, creative activities under the supervision of qualified kids can run around and roam the play area, which is packed with all kinds of different activity facilities for mind stimulation while i can enjoy some much-needed me-time. I'll be happy knowing My kids will be learning new things as they build their imagination and make new friends... :)

  3. Belinda B. Ibañez
    YES, I would definitely take my 2 boys there. It would be exciting for them to discover a new childhood experience that the place will offer. It will enhance and develop their creativity, physical motoring skills, mind stimulation because my kiddos love to invent and discover things on their own.

  4. Name: Rachel Anne Del Rosario
    FB Name: Chel Legaspi Del Rosario

    YES, I would love to take my son there . I would like him to enjoy like other kids did there and make learn new things, to socialize with them my son is so very hyper active this would be a good idea.

  5. Maricel Fajardo
    YES, I would love to take my kids at inventors lab. because its fun while there learning they would meet new friends there and socialize with them and a added experience for them to discover new things and would enhance there capability to create using there imagination. And it was a happy moments for us Moms to see that are kids are enjoying.

  6. Jea Blancaflor
    Yes, I would love to. I want to learn more about their products. I want to have knowledge how to take good care of my little one.

  7. Arra Odeza

    yes i would love to take my daughter also my little sister to inventor's lab cause im sure that they will enjoy while learning new things and will widen their imaginations. they will also learn to socialize and have more friends :)

  8. sherry ann gole cruz

    yes,i would take my daughter irelle to the VitaPops Inventors' Lab,i like my daughter to experience something new and to explore more things,i want to boost her creativity and to mingle with other kids,going to this places will make her like her science subject and can makes her more confidently to participate in her class...

  9. Marianne Torres

    I would really love to take my twin daughters to the Vitapops Inventors Lab, because they will be starting school this year and it would be a fun learning experience for them. I would like them to develop an interest in science and it would also broaden their horizons. Also, they would be thrilled to go to such event since they are regularly taking Vitapops, which they call their "candy vitamins".

    twitter name: @cristinescorner

  10. Maricris AbarabarJune 2, 2013 at 6:12 AM

    Maricris T. Abarabar
    Yes, I would love my daughter go to Vitapops Inventors Lab.because I want her to gain more friends at the same time learning were she can use when she grown up.

  11. Krystyna Quimpo

    I'd love to take my kids to Vitapops Inventor's Lab. From your post, it looks like a great place where my they could enjoy and at the same time learn something. It's a plus that both of them love Vitapops.

  12. YES. My son is a curious little one and he's also into anything that he can "butingting". In fact, he loves watching science experiments on TV and mythbusters back when we still have cable TV. I'm sure this will be a great experience for him. Also, I'd like my son to explore and learn new things everyday - and this one is just perfect.

    Merlina Palencia

  13. Karen Bernarte

    Yes. I would love to bring my daughter, Vitapops Inventor's Lab sounds fun! She can enjoy at the same time she'll learn. Thats what's momz wants for their kids.

  14. Yes i would definitely take my child to VitaPops Inventors' lab for him to experience and have a new horizons and discoveries by experiencing by hand this great experiments...

    Joehlyn Grace M. Bites

  15. I have a 5 years old twin and they're the only treasure that i have now.
    I really want to take them to VitaPops Inventors' Lab because I want them to learn and discover new things and experience it's enjoyable atmosphere. At their age now, I can see their curiosity and creativity. And going/ attending to activities like Inventor's Lab would help to stimulate their creative mind.

    Name: Rosalie Yap

  16. Josephine S. Gregorio

    Yes, I would bring mm son to Vitapops Inventors Lab. who knows when time comes he might be the next scientist in the phil. how i wish! :) it is their right to enjoy and learn from other things especially with this Inventors Lab, im sure he will really enjoy it.

  17. Josephine S. Gregorio

    Yes, I would bring mm son to Vitapops Inventors Lab. who knows when time comes he might be the next scientist in the phil. how i wish! :) it is their right to enjoy and learn from other things especially with this Inventors Lab, im sure he will really enjoy it.

  18. Definitely =) my little darling loves discovering new things! Its joy at heart when you see your little one learns and enjoy doing things.

    I let her try vitapops given by glaxosmith last april for a company health awareness program, she thought it was a candy

    Rhania Chang
    Fb name: Ainahr Eyakel
    Twitter: @rhaindropz

  19. Trisha Silverio

    YES! I will bring my kids to Vitapops Inventor's Lab. Not only will they enjoy the place but learn as well. This place might bring out the "scientific mind" in my kids.

  20. Yes.Given the chance i would want to take my son to Vitapops Inventors Lab for him to be amazed and be exposed to the world of Science.

    Weng Serrano Duenas
    twitter: weng_oasis
    FB Weng Serrano Duenas

  21. Jennifer A. SolimanJune 6, 2013 at 12:26 AM

    Jennifer A. Soliman

    Yes i will bring him to Vitapops Inventors Lab, i want him to experience different things like this for his development. he will surely enjoy this with all those kids around.

  22. Diana A. Beatima

    My 3 kids are already teens now.. but i have a niece that my sister leave the guardianship to me since she is still in spain working. and Yes i definitely bring her to Vitapops Inventors Lab, because i want her to experience and explore different things that can enhance her creative mind. and since its from Glaxosmith.. makers of ceelin. I know this is good.. laking CEELIN ata mga anak ko.

  23. Dima Hernandez

    Yes, I would like to bring my Tres Marias to the Vitapops Inventors Lab, they will surely learn a lot of things... from new stuffs, discover more in science and they can mingle with other kids there.

  24. Divine Oreste
    I love to bring my kids there. I'm sure they're going to learn a lot about science and new inventions.

  25. Polinda Usero
    I will definitely bring my 2 kids to Vitapops inventor lab.I'm sure they will really enjoy and will learn a lot from this. This is a new challenge, new adventure for them to take. And im sure as a mom i will enjoy this too.

  26. Joan Maala

    yes I will bring my kids to Vitapops Inventor's Lab because I'm sure they will enjoy learning and have fun also. I also got a voucher from metrodeal we will got there soon.

  27. Jackie lou Candido

    definitely Yes! because it has Vitamin C that needs my active son to be protected.

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