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See How Wild Things Can Get at SM North Edsa's Great Northern Sale

Hooray! The Great Northern Sale is back! 

Get the hottest and most exclusive deals on all brands, stores and dining places only at the upcoming and much awaited Great Northern Sale in SM North EDSA that is scheduled this July 13-15, 2012. 

Major discounts everywhere you look! Treat yourself and your loved ones to great buys and enjoy 3 days of nonstop fabulous shopping, and get more for less on just about everything, everywhere – from fashion to watches, electronics, toys and more. 

Catch the Great Northern Sale Fashion Show this July 13, 2012 at 6pm at The Block Atrium. Or you can simply strike a pose and join the Strike a Pose photo contest

Check out GNS TVC in Youtube:

Ladies and gents, you will not want to miss out this great opportunity to shop because you can get up to 70% off on selected brands! See how wild things can get at  The Great Northern Sale! :) Yay!

So schedule a shopping trip with your friends and head down to Sm North this weekend. Oh and keep on checking my blog for more deets 'cause  I will definitely share some of my great finds and my Great Northern Sale shopping experience soon! :) 

See you there! Happy shopping!

Visit SM North's Facebook, Twitter and website for more updates
Go and tweet about it using the hashtag #GreatNorthernSale


Better than Blinds, IQue Window Film Makes Your Home Look Bright and Beautiful

That moment when you're on the verge of completing your modern dream house and everything is all laid down, foundation, overall structure and all. But one itsy bitsy thing seems to bother you. Is it because of your dusty, old curtains, that custom draperies or the window blinds?

You look at your dream house and sadly, it looks a little stale and unimpressive, dark even. Then suddenly, you realized it would be nice to have a glass house... Well, not really... but a very bright, modern house that is looking bright inside yet totally protected from the harsh rays of the sun, making your dream house look bright and amazing.. inside and out. While you're at it, you can also help save the environment by using lesser electricity. Not to mention you're not going to have a mini heart attack when you get your electric bill! How awesome is that? :)

That being said, your best bet is not the blinds or the expensive customized draperies, my dear. Instead, you might want to try solving this concern by using film. Well, not just any film but one that has IQ or better yet, try IQue window films. Even a homeowner with the most discriminating taste can find this really useful with its many positive features, and not the least attractive of these is the ability to save energy and money.
IQue’s window film products help you block the sun’s harmful rays and
get more natural light and save electricity and help protect the
environment in the process.
With its next-generation glass film products under the GII (or G2) film product range, IQue window films of V-KOOL International Pte. Ltd. has already taken the architectural market by storm. It has become the preferred window film brand by architects, product managers and homeowners who all share the same vision of making homes of the future look even brighter inside yet impressive in the eyes of passersby. More importantly, inhabitants are protected from harmful UV and infrared rays of the sun.

You might be wondering how is protection from the sun’s rays possible?!

In many other ways, IQue films’ window film products, most especially the IQue 53GII, use an industry-first 10 multi-layer “sputtered metals” protection. “Sputtering” is a process of putting several layers of metallic coatings to provide thickness that is thinner than a single strand of hair, using several types of precious metals, including silver. It means more protection, with up to 96% of infrared rays, which is a form of solar energy responsible for all the heat we feel and makes areas become hot, essentially blocked.

IQue’s 53GII window films also provide protection from ultra-violet, or UV, rays. UV rays are needed by our ecosystem but can wreak havoc on our eyes, hair and more importantly, our skin in the form of sunburn or worse, skin cancer. By rejecting up to 99% of UV rays coming inside our homes, the IQue 53GII solves the problem of avoiding these potentially dangerous rays.
Get protected from harmful UV and infrared rays of the sun.
In terms of house or any establishment’s aesthetics, owners need not worry, for IQue films have a low visible light reflection of only 7%. This low light reflection only means one thing: it is as if you are looking at natural glass. And more importantly, IQue’s GII line of window films also allows for up to 58% of visible light to pass through. This only means you have more natural light so there’s no need for artificial light coming from light bulbs and therefore, less consumption of electricity.

Additionally, there's a myriad of other products under the GII line of IQue’s sophisticated products aside from the 53GII,  like the “Spectrally Selective” range, the “Performance” range, and the “Essential” range.

It also provides a wonderful measure of safety and security. IQue has a separate product line under “Safety and Security.” These window films are designed and thoroughly tested to withstand strong and forceful impacts like bomb blasts and even missile penetration. This capability helps reduce risks of injury caused by flying glass shards, especially those caused by accidents.

“We are proud to say that we have window film products that cater to homeowners’ desire to make their home stand out yet remain expressively simple. These fully functional and beneficial window films are what modern homes need today to make them bright, safe yet aesthetically appealing and environment-friendly,” says Roxanne Lee, Vice President of Global Frontiers, Inc., the exclusive distributor of IQue window films in the Philippines.

Bottom-line is, by using IQue’s window film products, you block the sun’s harmful rays and get more natural light and save electricity and help protect the environment in the process. For you to get your dream house, you have to find an economical way to upgrade your room or even the entire house with the use of  IQue window films, to make an impact with a new and modern design statement. 

Get the best of both worlds with IQue’s window film!

To know more about IQue’s remarkable products, visit or call Global Frontiers, Inc. at 521-7392 or 525-5009 (fax) or email at


L’Oréal Philippines FWIS Awards Two Young, Exceptional Female Scientists

As my support for the outstanding women scientists of today, I attended  the 2011 FWIS (For Women In Science) Press Conference and Awarding Ceremony that was held at Edsa Shangri-la Hotel last week.  I believe these women deserve to be supported and encouraged through the concerted efforts of the international community. That being said, I'm glad that L'Oréal Philippines and UNESCO are there to support the women who dream of making a big difference in the field of Science.

L’Oréal Philippines believes that science is the enabler of progress and that women have an essential role to play to bring about progress. Today, women are increasingly making their marks in their respective fields, yet they remain underrepresented at the top levels of scientific research.

To celebrate the work of women scientists, L’Oréal Philippines, the worldwide leader in cosmetics and UNESCO, a specialized agency of the United Nations, renew their joint commitment in promoting scientific careers and recognizing outstanding women scientists through For Women In Science (FWIS). FWIS is one of the most prestigious and highly anticipated international programs in the scientific community today.

Luc Olivier-MARQUET, Managing Director of L’Oréal Philippines explains, "FWIS is one of the strongest programs L’Oréal has globally today, mainly because it values key components in our company DNA –science and women. Through this program, we have been able to create a community of women who move science forward in the hopes of making the world a better place."

As L’Oréal Philippines marks the third year of FWIS in the Philippines, it is working together with its partners, UNESCO and the Department of Science and technology, to empower and inspire Filipina scientists to pursue their dreams to achieve progress.
Dr. Aletta Yñiguez, 2011 For Women in Science National Fellow 

Dr. Ma. Cecilia Conaco, 2011 For Women in Science National Fellow 
 In this light, L’Oréal Philippines is proud to announce the second batch of L’Oréal FWIS National Fellows--Dr. Ma. Cecilia Conaco and Dr. Aletta Yñiguez. After a grueling judging process headed by the first Filipino FWIS ASEAN Laureate, Professor Lourdes Cruz, both women stood out among the rest and will be awarded PhP 400,000 grants each to aid their research.

From left to right: Luc Olivier-Marquet, L’Oreal’s  Managing Director; Dr. Ma. Cecilia Conaco, 2011 For Women in Science National Fellow; DOST Undersecretary Fortunato dela Peña; Dr. Aletta Yñiguez, 2011 For Women in Science National Fellow and Dr. Virginia Miralao, Secretary Genaral of UNESCO National Commission 

From left to right: Dr. Ma. Cecilia Conaco, 2011 For Women in Science National Fellow; Luc Olivier-Marquet, L’Oreal’s Managing Director and Dr. Aletta Yñiguez, 2011 For Women in Science National Fellow

"Through the FWIS Program we have encountered so many exceptional women and heard their incredible stories of hard work and dedication. It is very heart-warming to know that through the program, we have somehow helped bring these women a step closer to achieving their dreams and move science forward," said Pamela Picazo-Garcia, L’Oréal Philippines Corporate Communications Manager.

Dr. Ma. Cecilia G. Conaco, a 34-year old Balik Scientist, is a post-doctoral researcher at the Neuroscience Research Institute, University of California, USA where she is also a recipient of the Excellence in Neuroscience Research Award. She received the FWIS National Fellowship grant for her research proposal entitled Dynamic Gene Regulation in Marine Sponges which aims to identify novel sponge genes and the mechanisms that allow the organism to monitor and adapt to its environment. Through her research, Dr. Conaco hopes to understand the impact of ecological change in marine life better.

The second National Fellow, Dr. Aletta T. Yñiguez is currently an Assistant Professor at the Marine Science Institute, University of the Philippines. She received the FWIS National Fellowship grant for her research proposal entitled Enhancing robustness of plankton models and monitoring systems by understanding fine-scale biophysical processes. This project intends to better understand how primary producers in the marine environment shift and contribute to the fisheries or turn into toxic blooms.

From left to right: Dr. Aletta Yñiguez, 2011 For Women in Science National Fellow and Dr. Ma. Cecilia Conaco, 2011 For Women in Science National Fellow
"I am deeply honored to recognize the two very young and accomplished Filipina scientists, who demonstrated excellence and dedication in their craft. All of their hard work will certainly be an inspiration for generations to come", adds Luc – Olivier Marquet.
But wait, there's more! :) 

The Search for National Fellows continues. This is simply the beginning for L’Oréal Philippines as it continues the search for the next FWIS National Fellows. This year, L’Oréal Philippines will bring outstanding Filipina scientists in the spotlight. FWIS National Fellowships is now accepting research proposals related to the Life and Material Sciences from applicants who hold or are currently pursuing Master’s or Ph.D. degrees in any field of Life and Material science and are not more than 45 years old. Two fellowship grants worth PhP400,000 each, will be given to two deserving women based on the judging criteria of an esteemed jury composed of representatives from L’Oréal Philippines, UNESCO and the DOST. Deadline for submission is March 2013.

To know more about FWIS National Fellowships – Philippines, log on to or email the FWIS Secretariat at / call 893-5642 loc. 136.

Alcatel One Touch Launches New Line of Android Phones

ALCATEL ONE TOUCH has proudly introduced their new line of phones in the Philippines at its Press and Media Launch last Thursday. Held at Bella Ibara, Mr Darren Sy (Philippine distributor for ALCATEL ONE TOUCH) and  Ms Liza Woods (Regional Director for APAC), together with some guest celebrities, graced the event.  

Chris Tiu, the official Alcatel One Touch Ambassador, has definitely made the smart choice when he switched to ALCATEL ONE TOUCH phones.  
On the other hand, ALCATEL ONE TOUCH also made a smart choice in selecting Chris Tiu as their brand ambassador.  Originally a basketball heartthrob, Chris Tiu has moved on to make a mark as a television host, politician, businessman and eco-warrior. He was once team captain of the country’s national basketball team and is presently serving his second term as a Barangay Kagawad. Currently on break from basketball, Chris hosts the educational TV show "iBilib: Wonders of Horus" every Sunday night on GMA, a show which features scientific experiments. His latest business venture is a Hong Kong milk tea franchise. Recently, he became part of the environmental movement "Pilipinas Eco-warriors", a movement which uses social media as a channel to address environmental problems.  

Here are their new line of phones in the Philippines, all with advanced technology, easy-to-use but at very affordable prices!

 First in line is the limited edition ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLAM 810D RED which was created with the women in mind. It is the perfect tech accessory that adds glamour to today’s feminine mobile lifestyle. This unique phone brings variety and choice to the mobile technology landscape and is the perfect combination of fun, easy-to-use technology and stylish design.  It is shaped like a powder compact with two other color schemes — Mystery Pink or Light Chrome.   

As an added touch, the phone sparkles with customizable tiny luminescent diodes when you receive a message, text or call. It opens like a music box, revealing a qwerty keyboard and a 2.4" screen.  Its keypad also contains a Facebook button that leads you to your favorite Facebook functions in just some seconds. It has a 2 MP camera, MP3 player and Opera Mini web browser.  It makes you even more social by getting all your contacts in two sims in one handy dual sim phone.  ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLAM 810D is the perfect accessory for your busy social life. From young to mature, this mobile phone fits your style with its feminine touch. Fashion and tech combined in ONE TOUCH—perfect!

  ALCATEL ONE TOUCH also levels up on its line of dual sim android phones as it launches the following phones:

ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY 918N/ X 918N gets you one solid grip on its sturdy and metal finish which gives its sophisticated look for an android phone. Its 3.2 inch capacitive screen makes user-experience really good, together with its quick response to navigation and loading of apps. This phone runs on an Android 2.3 gingerbread OS which makes your android experience more manageable. It comes with pre-embedded apps for social networking, music and audio, tools, games, and such which you can spice up and personalize all the more with unlimited downloads through the android market. It also enhances your game experience with its G-sensor. Now your phone becomes an instant game controller. Its 3.0 megapixel camera gives you quality pictures that you can share instantly on Facebook through its wifi connectivity. It’s also 3G and has Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP and HSPA. With its TouchPal Curve, you can type by just swiping—lesser touches, more messages. ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY 918N is on the grab in two available colors: black and white while ALCATEL ONE TOUCH GLORY X 918N is available in either black and blue or black and red.
ALCATEL ONE TOUCH BLAZE 985N particularly fits mobile users who look for android phones with quality features from design to software. The ALCATEL ONE TOUCH BLAZE 985N runs on a 2.3 gingerbread OS that lets you do more things with your phone and provides a perfect mobile phone experience to its users. First time android users will not be in trouble in using this phone since it goes on a very friendly set up wizard that opens to guide them set up their phone. With its multi-touch functionality and proximity sensor, you can smoothly navigate through the apps and images in your phone. It also provides you with a captivating experience through its 5MP back camera and VGA front camera (which lets you talk face to face with your friends and loved ones through video chat). Aside from the phone being wifi ready, you can also use it as a wifi hot spot. Just turn your phone into a router and share your internet connection. You can also connect to a computer to share your data connection. There is also more fun in using this phone for gaming. With a screen size of 3.5" display and its built-in G-sensor, your phone instantly becomes a game controller. Games are pre embedded on the phone, together with other apps for social networking such as Facebook and Twitter, music and audio, photography and lifestyle.
ALCATEL ONE TOUCH SPARK FB 916 comes handy for mobile users to keep them socially connected to their friends and families wherever they go.  The ALCATEL ONE TOUCH Spark FB 916D is the first dual sim Android 2.3 smartphone launched in the Philippines that is both touch and qwerty and comes with an optical trackpad for smooth scrolling and easier navigation. The phone gives you a good hold of a gadget for a great messaging experience because of its qwerty keypad which makes you type as fast as you can. One of the key highlights of this phone is the Facebook button installed on its keypad which gives you a true facebook experience. It gives you deep integration with Facebook as it lets you sync your Facebook albums to your local gallery and comment on them. When viewing a picture, video or a website, all it takes is one click to the FB key to share them to your friends. Photos captured using the phone’s 5MP camera can also be shared to your social networks with ease. You can also sync Facebook birthdays and important events to your phone calendar and add friends to your Facebook account through the contacts on your phone book.  The phone also comes with pre-embedded apps for social networking, games, productivity, music and audio, lifestyle, photography and localization. You can also enjoy posting out tweets once your wifi connection is on. More and more apps for games and entertainment can be freely downloaded from the android market without worrying much where to save them with your phone’s memory slot of up to 32GB.
ALCATEL ONE TOUCH INSPIRE 991D is a phone that runs on 2.3 gingerbread android OS and with HSPDA which gives you the capability to navigate through your smartphone faster and better. With the phone being wifi-ready and given its android market, you can make your own world of apps depending on your wants and likes. It comes pre-embedded with social apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Palringo for faster log in to your online community.  Using the phone feels really comfortable, wide and spacious with its tablet-like screen display of 4" HVGA 320 x 480. It gives you an enhanced viewing experience for photo, video, web browsing and emails. One can also enjoy navigating through the phone since it reacts so smoothly with its capacitive and multi-touch screen and proximity sensor. It gives you a dynamic gaming experience and better visibility for GPS applications on landscape mode. It also makes typing efficient in portrait mode with bigger virtual keys. Its large keyboard gives you the pleasure for full speed texting, chatting and social networking. With its 5MP camera and additional VGA sub camera, you can simply capture stunning 360 degree photos in panoramic mode with ease! With its memory of up to 32GB, you can download your favorite music tracks and enjoy your most liked apps. You also get a real view of your attached documents on your email.

Chris Tiu’s current and most favorite ALCATEL ONE TOUCH phone is the recently launched ALCATEL ONE TOUCH SAPPHIRE 995. This phone has a very clear 4.3" high grade video array display fit for playing and recording high definition videos.  The large screen will surely give you fun and satisfaction upon watching without sacrificing the quality of the videos. 
Sapphire 995
Aside from its superb screen, the phone also has a sleek look because of its slender shape that is less than 10mm thick. Sapphire 995 has a polished lens and soft touch surface to achieve the absolute sleek look.  With an Android 2.3 operating system you can navigate apps and features in your phone with just some touches away. Its multiple idle screen and widgets make it easier for you to browse the net faster. You can also get limitless downloading of apps for social networking and games with its access to the android market. And speaking of games, better performance in a game is possible because of the G-sensor which makes it easier to win in a car race.  

It is like using a game controller without tiring your thumbs after few rounds. It also has a 5 Megapixel camera with autofocus, smile and face detection which helps in giving quality images.. The quality images can be instantly shared to social networking sites through its wifi connectivity. The capacitive touch of the phone also makes it easier to type a message or even to browse through photos. Connectivity does not end in wifi and Bluetooth as Sapphire 995 can also be plugged to an HDMI for a surround video or game experience. 
Sapphire 995 is so powerful because it is 3G+ and has a CPU speed of 1.4 GHz. With this CPU speed, it is not a surprise that you can view word, excel, powerpoint and PDF and at the same time upload a video in YouTube.  Unlike other android phones, Sapphire HD 995 has a pre embedded 3D UI to make viewing and managing apps easier and faster.  The complete mobile and android experience all packed in one phone. 

Like Chris Tiu, you should also make a smart choice with ALCATEL ONE TOUCH. For exclusive updates about ALCATEL ONE TOUCH’s latest phones, please visit and    

So if you want to stand out from the crowd and you want to be different, try one of these phones.  Pump up your weekend with the newest phones in town!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rexona Run 2012: Outrun Yourself

Have you ever pushed yourself to the limit? Or have you ever tried to outrun yourself?

If NO, then get ready to push yourself to the limits when Rexona Run 2012 unfolds on August 12 at the SM Mall of Asia grounds. Presented by Rexona Men, the much-anticipated event promises to raise the bar even higher. With a new category, more prizes and exciting features that will surely test the mettle of even the most seasoned runners.

Participants can choose from among three race categories: 5K, 21K Solo and for the first time ever, the 21K Relay. The new category is designed to inspire 5K and 10K runners to raise their level by taking part in the more challenging 21K race, where a team of 2 runners will run a relay for them to finish the 21K distance.

Apart from cash prizes and medals for the top finishers, commemorative key chains will also be awarded to finishers who manage to beat the recommended finishing time for a challenge. To qualify, 5K runners must cross the finish line 30 minutes after gun start at 6:20am, and all 21K participants need to finish within 2 hours at 7:00am.

To ensure that each participant keeps within their target finishing time, pacers shall be deployed for each race category.

Helping runners train and commit to a faster finishing time, Rexona Run 2012 has created the Rexona Run Outrun Yourself App, which can be downloaded for free via the Rexona Men Facebook page. The app will help runners set a target time for the category to be run courtesy of a running playlist and occasional voice over as their time check, which they can listen to while training. During the actual run, the app can also be used to help runners set their pace.

More than just promoting wellness through running, Rexona also strongly espouses the responsible running. For Rexona Run 2012, trash bins will be placed in strategic locations so runners can properly discard used water bottles, sponges and other trash. This gives runners a cleaner and more pleasant race route, now and in succeeding editions of Rexona Run.

"Each year, Rexona manages to raise the bar and this year will be no different. We not only made this year’s race fun, exciting and safe, but we’re also introducing new developments that will surely inspire running enthusiasts, both professional and recreational types, to strive to outrun themselves," says Rexona brand manager Anne Remulla.
Prizes for the top three finishers in the 21K Solo include Php 7,000 for first, 5,500 second and 4,000 for third, while the podium finishers in the 21K Relay take home Php 5,000 for first, 4,000 for second and 3,000 for third for each member of the team. Top three finishers in the 5K category go home with Php 4,000, 3,000 and 2,000 for first, second and third placers, respectively

Registration is ongoing until July 29 at Riovana stores in Bonifacio Global City and Katipunan and Toby’s branches in Trinoma and SM Mall of Asia. Online registrations are also accepted at from now until 12 midnight of July 22.

So this August, get ready to challenge and outrun yourself only at the Rexona Run 2012.

Also, you might want to try the new Rexona Men Ice Cool.  
Keep your cool while doing the daily grind with Rexona Men Ice Cool. Whether you’re stuck in traffic, beating deadlines or out on a date, Rexona Men Ice Cool will keep you confident and ready to handle whatever the day has in store for you. Rexona Men Ice Cool has Dryness Protection System that’s specially formulated to work with your body. This unique body-responsive technology provides extra protection as you need it. What’s more, Rexona Men Ice Cool has a cool, fresh fragrance that won’t let you down wherever the action takes you. Rexona Men Ice Cool comes in 150 ml. aerosol (SRP Php 145), 40 ml. roll-on (SRP Php 74), 25 ml roll-on (SRP Php 36.50), 20 g stick (SRP Php 60), 8 g stick (SRP Php 37) and 3 ml deolotion (SRP Php 6). These are available in all leading department stores, drugstores and supermarkets.

For more details, check out the Rexona Men Facebook page, visit www. or call/text the race hotline at +63927-347-7700 (Globe), +63929-717-8164 (Smart) or +632-887-6194 .

Luminous Glutathione Patch: Game Changer for a Whiter and Younger You

Last Thursday night, I attended the media launch of the newest revolutionary anti-aging and whitening system in the country.  Held at the very posh restaurant in Bonifacio Global City, Rastro,  it was a night of fine wine and dining that got even more interesting as the managing partners unveiled the new Luminous patch.  It's a transdermal patch technology that continuosuly delivers 250mg of Glutathione and 250mg of Vitamin C to your body with an absorption rate of 95% into the bloodstream.

I know most women want to have a perfect, whiter and younger-looking skin. It is something that almost everyone, no matter the gender, wants to have and yep, that includes me. Well, I'm far from perfect. I could have a flatter tummy, whiter teeth, better hair, etc.. But at least, with the help of the Luminous Patch, I know I don't have a dull, wrinkled skin or an ugly heart. I believe a person with a beautiful heart and a glowing skin makes him/her stunning. Agree?  :)
Luminous whitening patch, your secret to a glowing and younger you!
Luminous Patch is one of the finest and anti-aging product manufactured in the US, which is exclusively distributed by Blue Dynamics Inc. (an iVentures, Inc. company). It gives results that were only available through painful injection therapy before. So why have those painful, ouchie & risky glutathione injections when you can easily get the same results with the Luminous Patch. Now, that's a real game changer!

Apparently, there are many Glutathione supplements on the market, but clinical research shows that common Glutathione pills, powders and drinks can only elevate blood Glutathione levels by little more than 10% in 30 days. So is it worth the risk??

Luminous Patch is considerably more poweful and faster acting than any other methods of whitening and anti-aging system today. In as short as 24 hours after wearing your first patch, you can experience significantly elevated levels of Glutathione without the high cost and pain associated with Glutathione injection, leaving no marks or unwanted bruises. 

Just look at some of the other methods and absorption rate below, and you be the judge.

Glutathione Cream 10%
Glutathione Soap 8%
Glutathione Pills 5%
Glutathione Injections 100%
Luminous Patch 95%
Oh and Luminous Patch is not just for whitening, my dear. You might think glutathione is for just the sole purpose of whitening your skin but no, it is so powerful that it is able to naturally detoxify your body and strengthen your immune system as well. It  is our body's master anti-oxidant which is so important in reducing free radicals that cause our cells to age. It has anti-aging properties that can turn back the effects of time. Still, proper skin care regimen like using sunscreen is imperative while using this product to achieve the best results.

The patches work best when placed on the "effective areas" of the body such as the wrists, arms, tummy and inner thigh, inner knee, inner elbow or hip region. This product is completely safe with no known side effects. One patch whitens for up to 12 hours and this transdermal patch technology is absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

Here are some of the event highlights. Photo credits: Ms. Emmy B. Villegas, Business Development Executive of  iVentures Group of Companies.

Kapuso star, Ms. Chynna Ortaleza, graced the event and had tremendous fun chatting with the managing partners.
Open Sesame! The box of Luminous Patch revealed.
Ms. Kris Nuqui, the endorser of Luminous Patch with the Managing Partners

 Luminous Patch endorsers/ models with iManila's Designer/HR Officer/Mktg Consultant, Joy Caasi and Ms. Emmy B. Villegas, Business Development Executive of iVentures Group of Companies

The gorgeous endorsers of Luminous Patch

While whitening treatments like IV glutathione injections cost Php 3000 and above per session, a box consists of  15 Luminous whitening patches costs Php 6,850 which can last for a month, with visible results after 2 or 3 weeks depending on your skin. I'm not sure how many sessions of Glutathione injection a person needs in order to get the desirable results, but I think this one's cheaper (do the math sister) and hey, it's pain-free! If you ask me, putting on a patch is way easier than downing ginormous Glutathione capsules which you can buy over the counter and takes months (or takes forever) to see the results.
Too busy talking and firing up some questions to one of the managing partners. :)
Can you spot me in this photo?
Indeed, this is an exciting advancement and an industry changing breakthrough in anti-aging and whitening. By simply  applying the patented Luminous Patch, you can have a noticeably whiter, brighter and younger looking skin whether you're at work or enjoying your rest day at home. How cool is that? :)

In the meantime, my first few days of using the Luminous patch is great and I will definitely give an update after a week or two.

Do visit their website HERE for more deets and don't forget to like them on Facebook. Hope you get to try it too (like I do) and be amazed. :)