Sunday, May 30, 2010

HTC HD Mini: By And Large

A month ago, I was happy and contented with my Nokia N95.. then came HD Mini. My first thought was.. WOW! Yes, you had me at "WOW!" because it's so small. Simple. Elegant. Classic. But then I thought, since I've never had a touch screen phone, would it take a lot of time getting used to and, would having a QWERTY keyboard make my texting life easier?

Initially, I had a bit of a problem with its onscreen keyboard when texting. It just takes a bit of time getting used to. For me, it only took a few days and I came to realize that the onscreen qwerty keyboard and auto-spell checker are easy to use for texting and using the Internet on the phone. Now, I can honestly say that HD mini is the new black, but did it overshadow the keypads of my N95? Well, my answer is absolutely yes!

Upon first glance, I fell in love with this baby and now, I honestly don't want to let it go. Like seriously. :) It's like that same old feeling of losing something with great sentimental value. *sniff* Oh well, some of the most alluring parts of this phone are its responsive touchscreen, the screws, the back and I mean everything. Besides looking stylish, HD Mini is jam-packed with features and it provides me the most flexibile and intuitive interface for a phone. Overall performance of the OS is simply great and user-friendly, as well as the Sense UI. The Sense UI is simply awesome by making HD Mini works in a simpler way when it comes to customization and personalizing my phone.

It delivers the same functionality with other leading smartphones in the market, if not moreso. HTC did a great job of cramming ever-more exciting features into ever-smaller/cuter phone without losing any functionality. It comes with a strong price-to-performance ratio and its impressive phone features, outstanding OS and the preloaded apps justifies its price.

It has above par battery life and it was certainly enough to get me through a full day or two after using some power hungry apps like the camera and web browser, as well as some short calls, emails, and a handful of SMS messages. Its multimedia libraries are also handled pretty well. I've used many phones before, some great and some were just downright horrible but I am extremely pleased with the HD Mini. Major.

Needless to say, I love the Marketplace 'cause I did find free but extremely practical apps in it and it's always a good thing that I can install free apps from other locations other than the marketplace. Oh and I've read that with WP7 sideloading apps on ur own is gone and end users can only install from the Marketplace. Here are just some of the pre-loaded apps in HD Mini-- Facebook and peep/ Twitter and some of my fave downloads, Shazam and Smartrunner. :)

With HD Mini, I was able to DISCOVER THE UNEXPECTED...Need I say more?

Not that I'm obsessed but I just love the back of the phone, it was really unexpected for me to see a shock of yellow pleasure inside and the coolest bolts/screws I've ever seen which are not just there for aesthetic purposes, they're actually holding this phone together! It looks really cool and like what I've said before, nothing is cool for the sake of being cool and everything that looks cool about this baby is also extremely functional. I'm using HD Mini's screws and charger as my wallpapers... they're just too cool to be true. :)

Another nifty feature is the uber intuitive weather apps on the HTC HD mini which is something I've never seen before and I'm loving it! It's simply amazing.

Aside from using the Wi-Fi and having quick access on the internet at home or on any given hotspot, I also enjoyed taking pics and vids with this baby and, I kid you not, but I was really amazed on how surprisingly quick and hassle free it is to upload pictures and videos to FB and YouTube compared to the tedious and looong process when uploading pics from my digicam or DSLR to my pc and finally uploading it to the social networking sites.

HTC Sense UI is so much fun and incredibly easy to customize my home screen. Sense UI is simply awesome by making it work in a more simple and natural way. I can easily personalize my phone acc to my needs and make my own shortcuts. With only a simple finger flick away, I have instant access to my most commonly used websites, fave contacts, games, etc.

It also has a "STAY CLOSE" feature so I can stay closer to the people I love the most and the ALL CALL feature that allows me to call multi numbers of peeps at one place and the same time. Also, Twitter and facebook are some of the pre-loaded apps to help me stay close and connected with my fam bam and friends.

Everything is best for something, and worst for something else. So the best for me may not be the best for others. But then again, I still believe that HD Mini is the best birthday gift I ever had. Simply because it has everything I need, a small and incredibly cute package with a perfect blend of style, look and functions.

Of course, no phone is perfect, but the HD Mini is more perfect than most. There was still the occasional lag, though minimal, during web browsing or when you're running a few apps. That's why the very useful Task Manager became my BFF for the last 3 weeks. Given that new iPhone OS 4 is already out and Microsoft’s new OS was revealed, and that there’s no chance of an WP7 upgrade for the HD mini, I still feel that the Sense UI makes up for that and does make WinMo a more comfortable place to be in.

Anyhoo, here are some of the pics taken by HD Mini:

Also, it’s a pretty decent snapper, it takes pictures that are better than simple snaps, let down only by the occasional shutter lag and the lack of a flash. Actually, it's included in my wishlist plus a dedicated shutter key and a more accessible digital zoom button to make it easier for me to take vain/self shots. LOL HD Mini already has back, home and windows buttons as well as call and hang up buttons, but it would be a wee bit nicer if they also have a search button simply 'cause it's location aware or maybe they could just remap the home button as search button. Other than that, HD Mini is perfect for me and I think I could really use a wish a right now..just one last wish.. that is to MAKE IT MINE. :)

Oh well, enough of wishful thinking. Overall, despite of HTC HD mini’s humble size, it's definitely a BIGGIE and it has many things I can be proud of, not to mention a few weeks of bragging rights. HD mini's strengths overpowers the weaknesses and it has a lot more going for it than the few shortcomings. I'm glad I was able to fully utilize and maximize HTC HD mini’s functionalities. Indeed, it is quietly brilliant and it has exceeded my expectations.


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  1. HTC needs to make a comeback. More and more smartphone manufacturers are getting their share of the market. Nokia is also catching up :|


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